7 Questions to Ask before Having Sex with Him ...


Before you sleep with someone new, you should ask him (and even yourself) a few questions.

After all, you don't want to end up doing something you regret.

According to Shape, make sure you ask these questions before sleeping with him:

1. Have You Been Tested?

Have You Been Tested?

It might be awkward, but an awkward conversation is better than a lifetime with a disease.

If he has an STD, you need to know before you decide to sleep with him.

Are You Seeing Anyone else?


Shannon Bauer
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Lol the title says seven, but the article only has six.
Great article! Girls everwhere ask your man this could save you. Infact I know a girl she was a virgen and she slept with someone the guy her boyfriend has hiv and passed it down to her ofcourse sadly she did not know she did not ask so please girls ask him
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