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9 Phrases for Talking about Sex from around the World ...

By Holly

It's no surprise that different locations have different phrases. According to Elite Daily, here are a few different phrases that either mean that you're having sex with someone or having sex on your own:

1 UK English

UK English This doesn't sound as pleasant as it actually is.

2 Spanish

Spanish At least this phrase sounds sweet and innocent.

3 English

English You've heard this one a million times before.

4 German

German For some reason, masturbation terms are never as elegant as sex terms.

5 UK English

UK English You might've heard this one before, because it's been around for ages.

6 Italian

Italian This doesn't sound nearly as dirty as it actually is.

7 Russian

Russian Here's another weird mental image for you.

8 Portuguese

Portuguese At least this one sounds like a fun game.

9 Albanian

Albanian Try using this one and see how your partner reacts.

What other phrases for sex and masturbation do you know?

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