8 Reasons to Date Shy Guys ...


There are tons of reasons to date a shy guy!

Sometimes, as girls, we overlook the shy and awkward guys and go for the guy that is super confident.

Typically, those guys aren't the best choice, but have you ever taken a look dating a shy guy?

When you date a shy guy, there are so many different benefits and below, I'm going to detail those out!

1. The Challenge

Typically, a confident guy is more than willing to share all kinds of information about themselves.

Everything from their past, present and where they want to go in the future.

When you are looking to date a shy guy, they are more prone to not be as forthcoming.

That means that you'll have work a little harder in order to get some information out of him.

They Are More Sincere


@Sheila, I agree with "JustMee, I think what she means is that there is a difference between being outgoing and being confident. When you are confident it means that you carry yourself well and you know your strenghts and your weakness. Being out going means being confortable in social situations,friendly etc.. Some outgoing people are not confident,they just fake it. Some shy people can look awkward in social situations and still feeling good about themselves and knowing what they worth.
Hmmm JustMee, I've never come across someone like that but sure I guess :) Thanks for stopping by!
Aww he sounds like a cutie :) Thanks for reading AWS!
This helped reassure me so much! I was doubting my feelings for this guy I have like for like half the school year. (I'm a senior, and he's a junior) and that alone made me want to just give up. But this post showed me how special he really is, especially to me. :) I don't want to ever stop making him blush, because like you said, there isn't many things cuter than that! Thank you!!!
Its possible to be shy and confident at the same time. I am like that...
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