11 Telling Signs He Likes You ...


Picking up on signs he likes you isn't always easy. In fact, most girls don't pick up on the simplest signs he likes you unless they are super obvious! Well ladies, I'm going to make it really easy for you, I'm going to let you know all of the signs he likes you, that way you'll be able to tell him that you like him too!

1. Body Language

By far, one of the first signs he likes you is the body language that he uses. Is he constantly touching you? Constantly near you? Is his pose relaxed and open when he's around you? These are all signs he likes you, but you just have to make sure that you are paying attention to all of the little body language signs he gives off!

Listen to the Words He's Using


if u really wanna know he likes u then tel him tht u have boy friend then see his reaction.
Lily Suzanne
im really shy to ask his boy out my friends told me that he likes m and i like him too but idk iff its true
I'm going in to 8th grade and theres this guy I like. I liked him in 3rd grade and he liked me, but then he moved. He moved back In 6th grade and now I reay like him again. He was like in love with th...
Hi Anon! The hardest thing that I guy has to overcome when he is attempting to move a girl out of the friend zone is knowing that if it doesn't work out, the girl and him will still be friends. I'd ...
@Heather, Could u help me please ive know this guy since kindergarten and he talks to me and he puts his arm around me ocaisonally but one time I texted him and it was super awkward he flirts with me ...
I think you two need to interact more before determining whether he's just being friendly or interested in more. It's a good start, though, with him being willing to share some favorite songs with you...
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