The Cuddle Guide πŸ›Œ for the Astrological Signs β™’οΈβ™ŠοΈβ™‰οΈβ™οΈ ...


Have you ever wondered what cuddle position your best suited to?

Well, ο»Ώβ€Œο»Ώrefinery29ο»Ώβ€Œο»Ώ has all the answers on the matter, according to your astrological sign of course!

Keep reading to discover yours and let us know in the comments if it sounds like you!

1. Aries

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The Tangle

Most Rams go above and beyond when it comes to commitment β€” this sign is flat-out devoted to its partners.

On the other side of that coin, however, is a major need for attention.

Combine these two traits, and you get The Tangle, in which two Aries attempt to show their affection and feel like they're still the star.

2. Taurus

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The Honeymoon

Sensual Bulls never get tired of this romantic position.

Whether you've been together five months or five years, you crave a sense of passion in your relationship β€” and you know how to keep it alive, even when you're sleeping.

3. Gemini

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The Blackout

Twins give a lot in the waking hours β€” they never hesitate when asked for advice or their opinion.

For Gems, getting some shut-eye means shutting off completely.2

Frankly, we can only imagine how exhausting it must be to be a Gemini.

4. Cancer

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The Barnacle

As natural-born nesters, Cancers crave connection in all things.

Thus, the perfect cuddling position is one that involves the entire body β€” think of it as spooning 2.0.

You'll feel as close as can be, arm cramps be damned.

5. Leo

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The Corpse Couple

One thing's for sure: Lions don't mind putting themselves out there, even when they're catching some ZZZs.

Sleeping on your back beside your partner speaks to your mutual desire to be in the spotlight β€” and it's no coincidence that bold Leos are ruled by the heart and spine.

6. Virgo

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The Cozy Gap

Consider this a distant cousin of spooning: You and your partner are still very close to each other, but far enough away that you can get an uninterrupted night's sleep.

This is the perfect position for Virgos, who hate being showy with their affection but will offer small gestures where it counts.

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