The Ideal Date Night for Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Ideal Date Night for Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Ideal Date Night for Your Zodiac Sign ...

When it comes to dating, the location chosen for the big day can be a real make or break decision! You want to be taken somewhere where you feel comfortable, and feel like you don’t have to pretend to be someone else, but equally, it can be nice to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and experience something out of your usual remit. If you are into astrology, then look to the horoscopes for perfect personality matching inspiration can be really helpful. Here is the **ideal date night for your zodiac sign. **

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You have lots of energy and like to be entertained pretty much all the time, so doing something like going to a concert where you can dance the night away together is perfect.



You aren’t at your most comfortable when trying new things for the first time, so for a Taurus it is better to do something tried and tested like going to the movies or one of your favourite restaurants.



You need a place where your communication skills can shine, so heading down to a cocktail bar where the drinks and the chat can flow is ideal.



Get in touch with your emotional side by going to see a great movie, or even something like a poetry reading at a local coffee shop. You need to know that your date has the same sensitivities as you.



You never shy away from the spotlight, so a first date at a loud and trendy club is right up your alley. You like all eyes to be on you, most of all your date’s!



You are the complete opposite of selfish, so you are happy to go anywhere, in particular anywhere that your date wants to go because you want him to be as comfortable as possible.



You like to keep everything in your life nice and balanced, so your ideal date is something like spending half of it in a busy bar having fun, and then taking a nice stroll through the park so you can really chat.



You take your food very seriously, so you almost see your first date as a compatibility test with the person. Get them to choose a restaurant and see how their choice and taste pans out!



Any kind of fun activity that brings out a touch of your childish side is your favourite, so something like ice skating, laser tag, or bowling is what you look for in a fun first date.



You like to be proactive and even learn something if you can in any situation, so going on a date that incorporates a cooking class is ideal!



You need to make it clear to your date that you have a real competitive side, so taking them along to see your favourite sports team is a great introduction!



You don’t want any fuss so, a first date at home where you can cook what you want and drink as much as you want without going bankrupt is your idea of a perfect time.

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