4. Going in V Staying out

I'm beyond embarrassed when I look back and think of one guy I 'dated'.

It was so clear that all he wanted was a fling, but I fooled myself into thinking it was a relationship.

If all you ever do as a couple is stay in … it's not a relationship.

A fling is sexual, a relationship involves going out and doing other things.

One of You Has Recently Split up with Your Ex


I agree with "SnowLion."& I have sympathy for Steph5-what a jerk he is!
Shannon Bauer
I did my life back I can use can I try it and I love that I can going through my life is going to be not good in life o have been going myself and happened to me a lot my problem of ex with a boy and I need only myself and going to care of u and going ex o do that I love and going in my bread okay I need I have feeling too
Sadly , I don't think it's about " being hurt " by the guy when you realize you didn't mean anything , but how stupid and embarrassed you feel after wards
I used to think feeling anxious was just "butterflies", and men who made me feel nauseous were "exciting". Now I know those gut feelings are my intuition, which is never wrong. It's normal to feel a little excited around an attractive love prospect, but I'm careful now not to confuse excitement with toxic men.
I was seeing a guy it was kind of long distance anyways that's a long story but suddenly he stopped talking to me and immediately after he started posting pictures with another girl really hurt me bcs I honestly thought we had something special or at least important enough for there to be a conversation before it ends anyways I cut all ties with him and he sends me a random "hey" message I replied with "hi..." Bcs I didn't want to seem bitter but I didn't want him to think shit was all gravy
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