The Truth about High School Sweethearts Relationships ...


The Truth about High School Sweethearts Relationships ...
The Truth about High School Sweethearts Relationships ...

There’s something magical about high school relationships. For that time, your relationship is your entire world. You feel safe and secure and nothing can hurt you. The future is bright. Sadly, despite the strength and force of the love, not all high school sweethearts grow old together. Many of us look back and wonder what it would have been like now if we’d stayed with our first love, who is often our high school sweetheart. Here’s why high school sweethearts have the strongest relationships and why we envy them, and often wish ours had lasted the distance.

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They Are Strong Because of Their Starting Point

youth, These relationships begin when you’re both at your most awkward phases, and there is something beautiful about the fact that beneath the acne and the braces, you still found each other!


Get to Witness Each Other’s Major Progress

screenshot, What, The, Hell!, High school years that lead into college years are some of the most important years in your life, and it’s great that couples get to experience that together and share your stories.


Each Shares an Uncanny Understanding of the World

You, and, understand, each, other., Both are trapped in that time between adolescence and adulthood, and it gives a unique shared perspective on the world that makes you feel like you’re the only two intelligent people on earth.


There’s a Solid Foundation to Fall Back on

latllllllll, It almost feels like there’s a safety net in a high school relationship, constantly surrounded by best friends who are there to help if there is ever a problem.


Fights Are Unavoidable but Good Experience!

white, black, black and white, photograph, image, Teens fight; it’s not a big surprise! The good thing is that these teenage tantrum rows are preparation for the potentially bigger romantic battles that lie ahead in adulthood!


Knowing Each Other inside and out

hair, person, image, nose, photography, Being with someone in/since high school means being completely sure that each partner knows everything about each other, from their darkest fears to their most annoying quirks!


There’s a Lifetime of Shared Memories

red, fun, nightclub, singing, and, There are two, three maybe even four times the amount of shared memories and shared jokes compared to your friends who found their partners later in adulthood.


Memories Build a Platform

music, musician, guitarist, bassist, string instrument, The huge catalogue of memories that you already have in early adulthood make you even more excited about what is to come and what new memories you are going to make.


You Understand That People Change

image, beauty, model, singer, WHOA!, More so than couples who got together in adulthood, you understand that people change because you have witnessed your partner change from a teen in to an adult, but you still love them despite their changes!


You Are Essentially Corey and Topanga!

human action, darkness, romance, interaction, emotion, And let’s be real, deep down inside, who in their right minds wouldn’t choose to be Corey and Topanga if they were given the option!


You Have Practice at Getting over Fights

person, interaction, don't, want, anything, All of those silly fights that you had in high school? They gave you a great heads up for how to move past problems in adulthood and still stay together, because love always wins.


You Are More than Just High School Sweethearts

black, white, black and white, person, image, Because you’ve been together for so long, you are more than just sweethearts, you are best friends, chemistry buddies, a jock and a cheerleader … all of the cool memories that you share together from school!


Your Families Now Feel like One Huge Entity

people, social group, black and white, musician, team, Your families have known each other for so long at this point that you can’t even remember a time when the two weren’t inextricably linked thanks to your budding romance!


Your Close Friends and Family Are Invested

, The longer you have been together, the more your friends and family are invested in the two of you as a couple.


You Are an Expert of Balancing Love and Social Life

black, white, black and white, photograph, person, Because you have been doing it since high school, you have no problem with balancing your relationship and all the other parts of your life that come along.


You Always Have a Killer Retro ‘Song’

white, black, black and white, photograph, man, Your ‘song’ will forever be some amazingly corny throwback to when you were in high school, which always makes for a memorable first dance at your wedding!


You’ve Been Together since the Very Beginning

human action, person, mouth, romance, leg, They’ve been with you since the very start of your romantic life, there is no reason why they shouldn’t stay with you until the very end!

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I agree with all that's been mentioned. But sadly my parents are totally against it and now I am forced to live a life away from my girlfriend without contacting her. I will be in college 2 years from now and hopefully we would get back together. We haven't called our separation a breakup yet... It's just a phase in our relationship where we can't contact each other for a while. I'm sure this phase would teach a very important lesson in each of our lives.

I've never had a highschool sweet heart😭

Hi am a Nigerian in nigeria we call it ss(senior secondary) instead of high 🏫 in my school I have a crush and he is in ss2 and I am in ss1 and I think he likes me but too shy to tell and I don't knock what to do 😟🤔.

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