The Difference between a Boyfriend and a Serious Boyfriend ...


The Difference between a Boyfriend and a Serious Boyfriend ...
The Difference between a Boyfriend and a Serious Boyfriend ...

Do you know where you stand with your man? You don't want to assume that your relationship is heading toward marriage when he's just looking for a fling. That's why it's important to talk to him to really define the relationship. Of course, if you don't want to ask, you can probably figure it out on your own. Here are a few of the major differences between having a boyfriend and having a serious boyfriend:

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He’s Bought You Flowers Vs He’s Bought You Tampons

He’s Bought You Flowers Vs He’s Bought You Tampons A good boyfriend will buy you flowers randomly, just to make you smile. He might even come home with a pack of your favorite candy. However, a serious boyfriend will go the extra mile. He'll push aside his embarrassment and buy you tampons or pads. He'll never get the wrong ones, either, because he knows exactly what brand you use.

You've Used His Bed Vs You've Used His Toilet

You've Used His Bed Vs You've Used His Toilet You might've slept over your boyfriend's house a few times. That means you're used to using his pillows and blankets. However, if you're serious with him, then you've probably used his toilet to do more than just pee. Unless you're in a serious relationship, you wouldn't risk stinking up his bathroom.

If He Knows Your Dreams Vs if He Knows Your Flaws

human action, face, person, man, male, A regular boyfriend will know what you want to do with your life. However, a serious boyfriend will know more than that. He'll also know about all of your "flaws," because he'll witness them firsthand. Of course, he won't consider them flaws, because he'll love even the most awkward parts of you.

He’s Seen You Naked Vs He’s Seen You without Makeup

He’s Seen You Naked Vs He’s Seen You without Makeup It's one thing to let your boyfriend see you naked. It's completely different to let him see you without makeup--or even worse, with your acne cream on. If he's seen that, you two are definitely serious.

He’s Met Your Friends Vs He Knows Secrets about Your Friends

He’s Met Your Friends Vs He Knows Secrets about Your Friends A regular boyfriend will know the names of all of your friends. He might even consider them to be friends of his own. However, a serious boyfriend will know every last detail about your friends, because you'll always talk to him about them. He knows things that he never even wanted to know.

You Know His Schedule Vs You Know His Passwords

You Know His Schedule Vs You Know His Passwords A regular boyfriend will know what days you're free and what days you have to work. However, a serious boyfriend will know the password to your phone's lock screen, and will know where you store the extra key to your house. There won't be any secrets between the two of you.

He Plans Next Week's Dates with You Vs He Plans Years into the Future

He Plans Next Week's Dates with You Vs He Plans Years into the Future This is the biggest difference of all between a regular boyfriend and a serious boyfriend. A regular boyfriend will make plans with you for next week. However, a serious boyfriend will make plans with you for ten years down the road. He'll talk to you about kid names and apartment locations.

He Tells You about Big Decisions He Has to Make Vs He Consults You with Big Decisions He Has to Make

screenshot, interaction, Portlandia, gifs, tuh, A good boyfriend will tell you about the things that are going on in his life but a serious boyfriend will talk to you about the big things. He will allow you to give your opinion so that you two can make an informed decision together.

You Sleep over at His Place a Lot Vs He Has Space for Your Things at His Place

found, bras, Spending days or weeks on end together at a boyfriend's place is a great thing. But if he's setting aside a drawer or other space in his home for you to keep your items, he's a keeper.

He's There for All the Good Times Vs He's There for All the Bad Times

human action, person, nose, mouth, singing, When you're together, it's absolutely amazing. He's seen you during all of your fantastic moments. But if he's there for you when times are tough, he's definitely serious boyfriend material.

He Knows Your Interests Vs He Participates in Your Interests

black and white, person, image, monochrome photography, monochrome, He knows that you love photography, pop music, and watching old films, but a serious boyfriend initiates doing these activities with you. He wants to experience things that make you smile.

You Calls You Beautiful Vs He Makes You Feel Beautiful

font, brand, emotion, love, ME,, Actions speak louder than words. While we all love to be called beautiful, it is also the way in which a guy makes us feel that can determine whether he's a serious boyfriend or not.

He's Met Your Family Vs He Keeps in Contact and Makes an Effort with Your Family

Abashwe, muscle, JUST, HADA, NICE, He's met your family over holidays or big events, but a serious relationship means he keeps in regular contact with your family members and shows a genuine interest in your family.

He Always Makes You Feel Better Vs He Makes You Better

black, white, black and white, photograph, person, When you're having a bad day, he's there to cheer you up. But if he encourages you to be a better version of yourself and to achieve your goals, he's making you a better person.

He Simply Listens when You're Being Irrational Vs He Calls You out when You're Being Irrational

black and white, person, monochrome, monochrome photography, interaction, A serious boyfriend is a great listener but also has the ability to tell you things openly and honestly. If you're being irrational - he should be able to tell you.

Your boyfriend could always turn into your serious boyfriend, so you shouldn't worry if he doesn't currently do everything on this list. You have plenty of time to grow as a couple. After reading this, do you think you have a boyfriend or a serious boyfriend?

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So I met this guy like one month and a half and I’m crushing really hard on him and he hasn’t talk to me yet but he’s always looking at me and his best friend asked my best friend a question ab me but I feel like he’s to shy to talk to me and I’m also shy to say hi or text him

I thought that you should be yourself... I guess not... I guess I have to act...

Just be yourself. If he doesn't like it then he doesn't deserve you, plus it's his loss.❤️, there is this super cute guy I have a small crush on and sit next to in my Microeconomics class this semester. I can't help sneaking peeks at him. And he has some of the prettiest eyelashes for a guy. I want so bad to make this comment to him but I will not, lol. There, I just vented all of that on this thread.

These are great points! All of these need to be carried over into relationships and marriage. I think couples get too comfortable with eachother and forget about the basics. It's very important not to forget to do the things you did in the beginning, for both people. :)

All these are true.

I like this guy and we've been snap chatting for a while but he won't make a move what do I do???

I don't have a crush, but I met someone online and I asked him what type of work does he do, he said, he sells car insurance. And then offered me a quote, this dude said he couldn't give me a better quote, so things got weird after that we didn't talk much

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