The Difference 🔀 between Knowing 🤓 You're in Love 💘 and Just Thinking It 🤔 ...


Some women think that they're in love, but they actually aren't.2

It can be hard to tell the difference, which is why Elite Daily is here to help.

According to their website, here's the difference between knowing you're in love and just thinking that you are:

1. If You Think about the Other Person Constantly, You’re in Love. if Thoughts Come and Go, You Think You’re in Love

If You Think about the Other Person Constantly, You’re in Love. if Thoughts Come and Go, You Think You’re in Love

You can't get the man you love out of your head, no matter what you do.

If You’re Selfless, You’re in Love. if You’re Using Your Partner to Fulfill Your Desires, You Think You’re in Love


So like it!
Lmao. I'm in love.
Mandy is very right about this
My ex clearly just THOUGHT he was in love with me *tears*
I agree with Mandy!
Absolutely agree with Mandy
Some people feel deeply in love but hide their feelings to protect themselves such as the case with scorpio people!
I agree with Mandy
yes yes yes!!!
Mandy C
I don't agree with this at all. Love is not something you should rely on to make you happy, only YOU can make yourself happy. It's a definite no that you should be thinking about the other person all the time. Seriously, how are you going to be successful if your constantly thinking about the guy you "love"? Not to mention, if you're a mother, then that's definitely out of the question. You barely have time to think about anything except your kids, I'm sure! And why on earth would you EVER change for someone else. Seriously, who knows whether or not the person you love today will be the person you love tomorrow? If you change for them, you'll never recognize that girl I the mirror. I'm sorry, but I'm really shocked that you'd advertise a message as sexist and biased as this, and label it "real love". Why on earth would you tell a girl that something as simple as believing in your Independent self is not loving the other person enough. No freaking way -- love yourself first, love others second. You might need to make sacrifices, but make wise ones. And for goodness sakes, if you think you love someone, who is to actually say you don't?!
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