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Make-over Your Love Life with These 17 Single Girl Resolutions ...

By Holly

If you're a single lady who's still trying to think of a New Year's resolution, look no further. There are plenty of options available. You can makeover your entire love life with these New Year's resolutions for single girls:

1 Go out More

Go out More You aren't going to meet anyone inside of your living room. You need to go out and explore the world in order to find interesting people.

2 Actually Start Conversations with Your Crush

Houses of Parliament, You can't date someone that you've never spoken to. Make it your mission to actually approach your crush and talk to him about his day.

3 Sign up for a Dating Site

Sign up for a Dating Site No, you don't have to sign up for Tinder. Try another dating site, or a site meant to make friends. You never know who you'll talk to.

4 Learn from Your Exes

black and white, image, monochrome, monochrome photography, screenshot, It might be painful to think about your exes, but you should take a few minutes to do so. Then you can think about what went wrong with them, so you don't make the same mistakes again.

5 Learn to Love Yourself

Learn to Love Yourself You don't need a man in order to be happy with your life. That's why you should try to learn to enjoy things the way they are. You don't need a boy to make you feel whole.

6 Make More Eye Contact

snow, weather, winter, freezing, screenshot, If you can't work up the courage to approach your crush, you should at least aim to make eye contact with him. In fact, you should try to make eye contact and smile with every man you meet. It'll make you come across as friendly.

7 Join a Club

Join a Club Join a club at school or join a gym. They're both great places to meet your next crush.

8 Go on a Blind Date

human action, person, black, black and white, kiss, No, they don't typically turn out well. However, if your best friend has been swearing she's found the perfect guy for you, you should give him a chance. It'll shut your friend up, at least.

9 Be a Third Wheel

Be a Third Wheel Don't be afraid to go out with your couple friends. Watching them in action can actually show you what to do and what not to do in a relationship.

10 Go out by Yourself

Go out by Yourself Don't be afraid to go to the movies or to dinner by yourself. Even though you enter alone, you might leave with a man. After all, you'll look far less intimidating if you're alone than if you're with a group of friends.

11 Date a New "type" of Guy

black, white, black and white, human positions, photograph, If you always date the same type of guy, and the relationship always ends poorly, then the man might be the problem. That's why you should try to date a bookworm instead of a jock or a bad boy instead of an athlete.

12 Try Speed Dating

black and white, monochrome photography, surfing equipment and supplies, sand, photo shoot, It sounds like a silly idea, but who knows? It might be the best decision you ever make in your life.

13 Flirt with Strangers

Flirt with Strangers It doesn't matter if you like a guy or not. Flirt with him. It'll be good practice. Then, when you meet a guy you really like, you'll be a pro when it comes to flirting.

14 Read Romance Novels

face, black and white, leg, arm, muscle, No, they're not all that realistic. Of course, if your love life is stunted, then you should live vicariously through your favorite characters.

15 Play Wing Woman

Play Wing Woman If you have single friends, then you can play wing woman for each other. See how many guys you can set her up with, and see if she can set you up with even more.

16 Meet Your Dream Celeb

screenshot, interaction, romance, You might not end up with your favorite celebrity, but getting a hug from them is good enough. That's why you should try to get tickets to meet them this year.

17 Go on Dates with Yourself

Go on Dates with Yourself You can have a perfectly healthy love life with yourself. Grab your vibrator, slip under the covers, and have a blast. It can be even better than a boyfriend.

There are plenty of ways to spice up the new year! Which one of these resolutions are you going to try to keep?

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