What Couples Say Vs What They Actually Mean ...

By Holly

What Couples Say Vs What They Actually Mean ...

When you're just starting out a new relationship, you don't always say what you mean. College Humor knows all about that. That's why they've created these little comics about what couples say vs what they actually mean:

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Texting You're going to overanyalze everything you do when you start a new relationship.



Sex You don't want to offend him, after all.


Meeting Friends

Meeting Friends You want them to like you, so you'll try your best to fit in.


Paying for Dinner

Paying for Dinner If you end up paying, you'll hope you actually have enough money.



Sleeping Everyone has annoying sleeping habits, anyway.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana


Toothbrushes A toothbrush signals major commitment.


Facebook Official

Facebook Official Sometimes, relationships are scary.

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Me and my boyfriend actually don't put we date each other on social media. I think it should stay like that.

Oh my god. The toothbrush. 😳

Hate texting so much when it comes to relationships

ps so use it a lot because of an illness and believe me I have had many misunderstood texts

Texting is the worse form of conversation.it can be taken very different from how it sounds ❤️

Slit of those sound like the things that I did when I dated My Husband He was broke and I had a checking account