Ways You Fake Loving Being Single ...


Ways You Fake Loving Being Single ...
Ways You Fake Loving Being Single ...

Some women are perfectly happy being single as a choice. Others have periods of singledom that they’re quite happy to endure and learn and grow from. Then there are other women who hate being single but feel they should smile through it even though they’re hating every moment they don’t have a partner. If you’re one of the latter you may recognize these ways you fake loving being single.

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Romantic Movies Give You the Feels

Romantic Movies Give You the Feels The majority of happily single people will look at romance movies and romantic comedies with a bit of a cynical eye, but if you are getting swept away in the stories and crying tears of joy and emotion at the ‘happy ever after’ conclusions, it could mean that deep down you secretly want a modern day Prince Charming to come in to your life and give you a happy ending too.


You Imagine Yourself in a Relationship

You Imagine Yourself in a Relationship One of the signs you’re pretending you love being single is that you have a tendency to regard each new person you meet as a potential soul mate and partner. Somebody who loves being single doesn’t automatically try to imagine themselves partnered up with a potential love interest as soon as they meet, and if you are thinking about it all the time, that should be a big indicator towards the fact that you are not as happy being single as you thought!


It's natural to daydream about romantic scenarios - we've all done it! However, if you find yourself constantly mapping out the future with someone after a single coffee date, it might be a signal that the single life isn't fulfilling you emotionally. Being single should feel empowering, not an interim period where you're on the lookout for your next relationship. If this is a frequent pattern, it's worth considering if the joy of solo living is just a facade you're maintaining.


You Browse Online Dating Sites

You Browse Online Dating Sites Do you spend a considerable amount of time surfing online dating sites just out of pure curiosity? Trust me, happily single people with no intention of entering in to a relationship do not do this! By browsing these sites, you are essentially having a look at what is out there on the man market without having to actually be proactive. It feels like the first step in to getting back in to the dating game!


Even if it's just a quick swipe through profiles during moments of boredom, it's a sign that part of you longs for that spark of connection. Let's face it: aimless scrolling through potential matches is the digital equivalent of window shopping for romance. You might tell yourself you're just looking, but deep down, there's a desire to find someone that makes your heart skip a beat. If you find yourself pondering the 'what-ifs' as you gloss over profiles, maybe it's time to admit that you're not as content flying solo as you claim to be.


You’ve Got Men on the Brain!

You’ve Got Men on the Brain! Have you noticed that since being single for a little while you have started to notice more handsome men around than ever before? Though it might not actually be true in an aesthetic sense, what your brain is telling you is that you are more eager to spark up a romantic connection with a new guy that you might have thought.


You Go out Alone

You Go out Alone If you were really relishing the single life, you would enjoy going out at the weekend with a group of girlfriends or platonic guy friends to simply enjoy yourself and have fun. However, if you are going out on your own in the evenings, there must be something at the back of your mind that is telling you that you want to be noticed and asked out by a single guy at the club.

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You Always Look Killer

You Always Look Killer Don’t get me wrong, a woman should be free to dress up and look fabulous for no other reason than to make herself happy, but when you are getting completely dolled up just to go the grocery store for fifteen minutes, there might be something more behind it like you subconsciously hoping to get noticed by a potential love interest!


You Keep Reminding Yourself of the Negatives

You Keep Reminding Yourself of the Negatives If you are one of those people who will continually put yourself off of having a relationship because you only think about the negatives, you need to really think about why your brain is suppressing any possibility of new love. Could it be that you really do want to find romance but are scared of getting hurt again?

It’s hard being single when you don’t want to be. It is however, best to turn the energy you’re using to fake happiness at your lack of love life to something positive. Use your singledom to do things you’ve always wanted to do, engineer situations where you might meet a man, and surely in time he’ll come along. Do you hate it when you’re single?

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I'm currently in this state...not because I can't be independent, I can and have no problem with it, but rather I'm just waiting to come across a man that will treat me with the love and respect that I know I deserve. Great post :)

Good article.

Mama June really?!!!

I wouldn't necessarily say I Loveee being single but I don't hate either. I'm content and when I go out by myself, I'm not doing it because I think it'll give me greater chance of getting "asked out," I do it because I just want to do something (period) No need to check in with anyone or ask for their input of "hey baby, what do you want to do?" That's the best part of being single, just doing you with no reservations. When you're able to do things on your own and can be happy just being single, that's when you truly know and love yourself. If I have a significant other, that's great! But if I don't that's fine too. I'm not envious of any relationship because the relationship I have with myself is enough for me. I don't need someone to be the key to my happiness because I'm already happy. If anything, the person will add to my happiness, that's all. Being single myself, this post just doesn't sit well with me and is insulting. Like seriously, why do you have to bring a single gal down like that? I thought the point of this community was to empower and encourage women, not tear them down. I wrote "The Single Life" post as a joke, not to be taken seriously. But this post genuinely makes a single person feel bad for being single. Nothing positive about this at all. *Rant Over*

This article is me, except for the "browsing in dating websites"

I do hate being single but I'm stuck in the cycle of singlehood and I have no clue how to get out

@Natalie I totally agree

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