17 New Year's Resolutions That Couples Should Make


17 New Year's Resolutions That Couples Should Make
17 New Year's Resolutions That Couples Should Make

It's hard to stick to your resolution. Of course, if you have someone to help you out, then it won't be as difficult. That's why you should make couple's resolutions this year instead! Here are a few New Year's resolutions for couples that you should think about making with your boyfriend:

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Exercise Together

facial expression,person,nose,romance,conversation, You two can sign up for a spin class at the gym together, join a team to play basketball together, or just work out in your living rooms together. As long as you're getting exercise, you're getting the job done.


Talk before You Fight

human action,black,black and white,person,photography, Promise each other that you'll actually talk to each other about why you're upset before you start yelling. You don't want to end up accusing him of something he didn't even do. That's why you need the facts first.


Go on a Date a Week

human action,black,black and white,person,man, It's easy to forget to go out on actual dates. That's why you two should make it your mission to go out on a "real" date at least once a week. It'll keep the romance alive.


Read Books Together

human action,person,human positions,black and white,sitting, You can pick out a book, read it, and then pass it off to your partner. Then it'll be his turn to pick the title.


Don’t Bring up Old Fights

screenshot,HOO, You two aren't going to last if you're always bringing up old fights. You need to get over the past if you want to look forward to your future.


Take a Class Together

crowd,black and white,musician,audience,monochrome photography, You two can take a cooking class or a ballroom dancing class. Either way, it'll be fun, because you'll be together.


Start a New Hobby Together

person,black and white,man,male,monochrome photography, You two can buy some yarn to learn to knit, or can buy some wood to learn how to do woodwork.


Play Video Games Together

white,photograph,black,black and white,image, There are some pretty intense multiplayer games. You two can work together to prove what a great team you are.


Give Frequent Massages

white,black,photograph,black and white,person, Make it your resolution to touch each other for more than sexual reasons. Every massage shouldn't lead to sex.


Give up a Bad Habit Together

human action,black,black and white,person,nose, If you both bite your nails, you can call each other out whenever the other person starts biting. That way, it'll be easier to remember not to give in to your bad habit.


Make Couple Friends

screenshot, You don't have to make individual friends. Try to make couple friends, so you have someone to take out on double dates.


Say, "I Love You" More

human action,person,black and white,black,monochrome photography, You two shouldn't hesitate to admit how you feel. If you love him, tell him as often as you can.


Try New Things in Bed

human action,black and white,black,photograph,person, If you're sexually active, you'll want to keep things exciting. The best way to do that is by trying something new in bed every month.


Spend More Time with Each Other's Families

black and white,black,person,monochrome photography,darkness, You should consider his family your family. That's why you should agree to spend more time with them next year.


Save up Money for a Vacation

human action,person,photograph,black and white,woman, It's hard to save money. Of course, if you have a goal, like taking a trip to Disney, it'll be easier to resist blowing all of your cash.


Couples should make a New Year's resolution to save up money for a vacation together. Setting a goal like taking a trip to Disney together can help couples stay motivated and committed to saving money. It's important to make a budget and stick to it, and to remember that it may take time to reach the desired savings goal. Couples should also consider taking advantage of discounts and promotions, such as airline miles or hotel deals. Finally, couples should remember to enjoy the process of saving up for their vacation, and to make sure to celebrate their successes along the way.


Start a Show Together

black,photograph,black and white,person,image, If you find a new show to watch together, you'll have something to do whenever you're bored.


Couples should make watching a show together a priority in the new year. It is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. Not only that, but it can also help cultivate a shared interest in something and create a stronger connection between the two of you. Plus, it's something you can both look forward to when you're feeling bored or need a break from the mundane. Make it a point to pick a show that you both enjoy, and make it a regular part of your relationship.


Eat Dinner at the Table Together Every Night

screenshot, Don't eat dinner in front of the television. Eat together at the table, so you have the chance to talk.

With the help of your man, you shouldn't have a hard time sticking to your promises! Did you end up sticking to your resolution last year?

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