10 Kisses 😘 to Have Your Man Dreaming of You πŸ’­ All Day β˜€οΈ and Night 🌜 ...


You're not the only one who daydreams about certain types of kisses.

Your boyfriend is just as guilty as you are.

After all, everybody has their preferences.2

If you want to make your man's day, you should know that these are the types of kisses that he fantasizes about:

1. Kisses You Initiate

Kisses You Initiate

Most men are used to initiating dates, kisses, and sex.

That's why they love it when you turn things around on them by kissing them first.

That means you should get on top of him and start kissing him for a change.

He'll be happy to know that he's not the only one interested in a make-out session.2

It'll prove that you're just as horny as he is.

2. Deep Kisses with Tongue

Deep Kisses with Tongue

There's nothing better than a kiss like this, mostly because they're the type of kisses that frequently lead to sex.

That's why they get men so hot and heavy.2

They make them excited about what's to come.

So if you're interested in having sex with your man, you can let him know by starting out with a kiss like this and then following it up by lifting his shirt over his head.

It'll make your intentions perfectly clear.

3. Neck Kisses

Neck Kisses

You already knew that women go crazy over neck kisses, but did you know that men love them just as much as we do?

The spot is super sensitive.

That's why you should kiss him on his lips, then on his jaw, and finally on his neck.

Once you hit the right area, he's going to go wild.

It can be your secret sex weapon.

4. Lip Kisses during Sex

Lip Kisses during Sex

When you're having sex, you don't have to stick to kissing his chest and thighs.

Kissing him on the lips is an intimate gesture that he'll appreciate.

It'll show him that he's more than just a body to you.

He's someone that you actually love and care about.

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