8 Things Women Love about a Guy's Body ...


We've done a lot of posts about what a guy likes about a girl's body, but what about things women love about a guy's body?

Don't you ladies have certain body parts on a guy that just drive you crazy?

For me, it's all about the eyes!

Here is our chance to talk about all of the things women love about a guy's body!

Let's take a look!

1. Arms

What girl doesn't love a guy's strong arms wrapped around her body?

This is one of the top things women love about a guy's body and with good reason!

Arms are super attractive, especially when they are defined with muscles (although, for me, I like thinner, lithe guys!).

Do you like guys' arms?

Is that one of your favorite parts?

2. Torso

I love a guy's torso, no matter what size it is, it's comforting to sink into a soft, squishy torso or to feel up a ripped one.

A guy's torso can say a lot about them!

What about you ladies, are you obsessed with your man's torso, or is that just not your cup of tea?2

3. Broad Shoulders

My mom is one of the women that I knows that is obsessed with broad shoulders.

She loves that my dad has them and every single guy that she states is cute or hot has them too.

What is about the broad shoulders, ladies?

Do you like them?

For me, I like my guys a little on the smaller side, so broad shoulders aren't my cup of tea, but they are popular!

4. Lips

The very first thing that I look at (besides eyes, which is next!) on a guy is his lips.

Are they full?

Are they thin?

How do they look?

How are they shaped?

Does he smile?

It's all there and his lips can tell a lot.

I love a guy with really full, puckered little lips!

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