8 Things Women Love about a Guy's Body ...


We've done a lot of posts about what a guy likes about a girl's body, but what about things women love about a guy's body? Don't you ladies have certain body parts on a guy that just drive you crazy? For me, it's all about the eyes! Here is our chance to talk about all of the things women love about a guy's body! Let's take a look!

1. Arms

What girl doesn't love a guy's strong arms wrapped around her body? This is one of the top things women love about a guy's body and with good reason! Arms are super attractive, especially when they are defined with muscles (although, for me, I like thinner, lithe guys!). Do you like guys' arms? Is that one of your favorite parts?



Tall dark handsome !! Who is this model in the pic ... He's gorgeous !
Susan elfman
I also like tall guys, just a little taller than me. Around 5'10 or 6 feet tall
Susan elfman
I like the jaw line and arms
The v! You know where his hip bones kinda are. That's the most attractive part of any mans body😍😍
Oh and legs, is that weird?
THE CHEST!!!! And that spot between the chest and the neck shoulder area!!
Rachel Ruth
I like taller guys, but not very muscly. Toned, not ripped. I like hazel (greenish-brown eyes.) Lastly. I like long thin fingers on guys. Weird, huh?
I like thinner guys too. Huge, rock hard, mega-ripped guys just make me uncomfortable. My guy has a perfect body. Thinner arms and soft torso that I just love to cuddle up to, but just the right amoun...
Jessie Oszlovits
I have a bit of a thing for guys with dimples like John travolta lol. Those chin dimples. My hubby has dimples too but cheek ones which are cute too, and he passed them to our daughter. I also love eyes and arms.
The first five for sure.
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