8 Things Women Love about a Guy's Body ...


We've done a lot of posts about what a guy likes about a girl's body, but what about things women love about a guy's body?

Don't you ladies have certain body parts on a guy that just drive you crazy?2

For me, it's all about the eyes!

Here is our chance to talk about all of the things women love about a guy's body!

Let's take a look!

1. Arms

What girl doesn't love a guy's strong arms wrapped around her body?

This is one of the top things women love about a guy's body and with good reason!

Arms are super attractive, especially when they are defined with muscles (although, for me, I like thinner, lithe guys!).

Do you like guys' arms?

Is that one of your favorite parts?



I love a guy with super dark brown eyes and super dark hair ❤❤😍 like my boyfriend has he's also very muscularly defined everywhere 😊❤😍😘
Taya Rieger
Forearms!! 😍
Tall dark handsome !! Who is this model in the pic ... He's gorgeous !
Susan elfman
I also like tall guys, just a little taller than me. Around 5'10 or 6 feet tall
Susan elfman
I like the jaw line and arms
The v! You know where his hip bones kinda are. That's the most attractive part of any mans body😍😍
Oh and legs, is that weird?
THE CHEST!!!! And that spot between the chest and the neck shoulder area!!
Rachel Ruth
I like taller guys, but not very muscly. Toned, not ripped. I like hazel (greenish-brown eyes.) Lastly. I like long thin fingers on guys. Weird, huh?
I like thinner guys too. Huge, rock hard, mega-ripped guys just make me uncomfortable. My guy has a perfect body. Thinner arms and soft torso that I just love to cuddle up to, but just the right amount of muscle. And just a couple of inches taller than me, but short enough so I can always look into his amazing green eyes. And that adorable smile of his with his perfect lips that I just can't resist. He's gorgeous, absolutely perfect for me <3
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