7 Undeniable Pros of Dating Rich Men ...


7 Undeniable Pros of Dating Rich Men ...
7 Undeniable Pros of Dating Rich Men ...

Dating a rich man is often something women strive to achieve but never actually do. When looking to find your match, financial stability is unfortunately a quality that tends to get thrown under the bus. But in a world where money doesn’t grow on trees and cannot be taken for granted, dating a rich man with a stable income needs to take significant precedence over less important qualities - like looks and age - and here’s why.

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Never Pulling out Your Wallet

Yes this is the generation of equality, but I know when I go out with a guy, something I don’t want to be held accountable for is my half of the dinner tab. When dating a rich man, this isn’t something I ever have to worry about and that’s definitely a reason to date men who have their heads and bank accounts in notable places.


Moreover, the peace of mind that comes with not having to calculate your portion of every date can't be overstated. It allows you to savor the moment rather than fret over expenses. Beyond dinners, think impromptu getaways and front-row concert tickets—all with no financial string attached to your purse. Sipping on champagne during a sunset cruise becomes another Tuesday evening, rather than an extravagant event meticulously saved for. It's an undeniable luxury that can make dating feel more like an adventure and less like an accounting exercise.


Never Feeling Uncomfortable

If your beau is saving up all week just to take you out for a small meal that you have to pay the tip and tax for, it can get very uncomfortable... almost to the point when I know I feel guilty and need to somehow compensate for his financial troubles. When dating rich men you can rest assured that money isn’t an issue, so wining and dining can be the fun-filled relaxing activity it was designed to be.


The Gifts

Beyond not having routine money concerns, a guy who has a few extra dollars won’t even think twice about going out of his way to pamper you. If money isn’t a factor you may even be pleasantly surprised with the delightful treasures your man will spoil you with. After all dating rich men does have its perks!


Your Mother Will Love Him

Every time there is a new man in my life, after a certain amount of time my mother comes along with the probing questions, eager for any details I’m willing to share. Dating a rich man was never something I was ashamed of or wanted to hide from anyone - certainly not my mother. Every parent’s dream is to have their little girl well taken care of in all aspects of a relationship. So having this one less thing for mom to worry about is definitely a positive thing, worth emphasizing when dating rich men.


Stable Future

If you’re dating a guy for the long term and you see things going well, a major factor to consider is your financial future. Realistically, everyone wants to be with someone they can count on and who can maybe support a family in the future. Although we can’t control whom we fall in love with, knowing that your loved one does have a stable career and future is all the more reason to never let them go. So this is yet another reason to date wealthy men.


It’s Sexy

There’s a reason why the 50 Shades series was a bestseller worldwide; the main character, Christian Grey, wasn’t a truck driver! Most women like men with power, and often men with power know how to make money. It’s enticing to women when they see a man in control pull up in a luxury car, someone who knows where he wants to take you. Dating rich men is synonymous with dating a hardworking and confident men, so why not try it out?


Luxury Taste

It’s refreshing to me when a guy knows exactly which wine to pick at dinner and which weight of gold looks the best with my skin tone. One unique attribute of dating rich men is that their taste coincides with the brands and products they are able to afford. And that is no small thing to overlook in the big picture of dating winners and losers.

There are many qualities women evaluate when meeting a guy... Is he taller than me? Am I attracted to guys with that color hair or no hair at all? Will my family like him? Is our age difference too much? Can I look past that huge mole on his ear? What I’m proposing in this article is putting a hardworking and consequently wealthy man slightly before all of these factors. At the end of the day, if your chemistry isn’t right, money can’t change that. Have you ever had a smoother sailing relationship when dating a rich man as opposed to a lesser endowed one? Do you find money to be an issue when going out? Share your experiences!

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But how rich is rich? �

All true ;)

i like it!!;)

I know everyone has their own taste and apparently money is yours. i honestly like hardworking outside men who make enough to get by an maybe treat me to a little dinner at the end of the week. dating a rich man would be basically all the same. dinner every night, spoils, nice cars, but wheres the fun in it? i like the random "hey babe guess what, extra money lets go out!" but too each their own.

Aka gold diggers and believe me men aren't as stupid as women would love to believe they will figure you out in ways you will never know. Your disposable and maybe the cute arm candy flavor of the month but he doesn't want strawberry anymore he wants cherry and then your over. I know many guys who deal with women like that and yes they do know all the games and tricks they use you for their needs and then the next girl in line. I love to be independent and self made I don't need no man to throw money at me doesn't impress me

Until I read this article, I had no idea that different weights of gold suited different skin tones. Clearly, some of us are so hopeless that a wealthy winner would be wasted on us. Lucky for the author, I guess, as it leaves more for her. I'll still pick a guy who knows how to spoil without overspending, and if I ever do get picky about gold, now I know what to google before I buy.

Amen to the power and financial stability points

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