15 Types of Men to Avoid ...


15 Types of Men to Avoid ...
15 Types of Men to Avoid ...

Sometimes we women just cannot help finding ourselves attracted to men who we know we shouldn’t pursue, the types of men to avoid at all costs. The heart wants what it wants. But our brains certainly know better. If you find yourself wondering if the guy who has caught your eye is a keeper, here is the definitive list of 15 types of men to avoid like the dating plague.

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The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy At one time or another, every girl has a thing for the guy who just doesn’t play by the rules. He’s perpetually angry, acts like a tough guy and looks damn good while doing it. But the juvenile attraction to the bad boys of our youth can quickly fade when rebellion turns into recklessness. The bad boys will just break your heart... or the law. And these rebels without a clue top the list of types of men to avoid on the dating scene.


The Bad Boy is the type of guy who doesn't follow the rules and can be attractive to some women. However, his rebellious behavior can quickly turn into recklessness, and he may end up breaking the law or your heart. This is why it's important to avoid dating this type of man, as his behavior can be unpredictable and dangerous. He may also be emotionally unavailable and unable to commit to a relationship. Additionally, his bad boy persona may be a sign of underlying issues, such as an inability to cope with stress or a lack of self-esteem. If you do find yourself attracted to this type of man, it's important to remember that it's best to look for someone who is more stable and supportive.


The Underachiever

The Underachiever You know the type. Video games, couch, raiding the refrigerator, repeat. This is the daily existence of the cute, quirky guy who you have a thing for, despite all of your girlfriends trying to convince you otherwise. If he has no hobbies, skills, or future aspirations outside of his living room, you know you’ve just encountered the attractive but exceedingly lazy underachiever.


The Underachiever is a type of man to avoid if you are looking for a long-term relationship. He is attractive but lacks ambition and drive, often content to just sit around and play video games or raid the fridge. He may not have any hobbies or skills and may have no aspirations for the future. He may seem cute and quirky, but this type of man is likely to be a dead end in terms of a relationship. He is not likely to be motivated to change and may not be the best partner for a woman looking for a committed relationship.


The Workaholic

The Workaholic Conversely, on the list of men to avoid, comes the classic workaholic. His finances are impeccable and the word "overtime" frequents his vocabulary. Sure, his bills are paid with money to spare for the weekend. But what good is having a weekend without an actual date? If his work schedule makes a social life impossible, investing hopes of being a happy couple might make you feel secondary to the job.


The Workaholic is a type of man to avoid if you're looking for a serious relationship. He prioritizes his career over all else, often working overtime and making it difficult to have a social life. He might have a lot of money, but it won't do you much good if he's never around. If you're looking for a partner who will make you a priority, the Workaholic is not the man for you. He won't be able to give you the attention and care you need in a relationship. Furthermore, it can be hard to build a meaningful connection with someone who's always busy. If you want a relationship that's built on trust and communication, the Workaholic is not the right choice.


The Guy Who Reminds You of Your Ex

The Guy Who Reminds You of Your Ex If you find yourself comparing your current romantic interest to your previous, you’re pursuing the guy who reminds you of your ex. It’s not his fault that his uncanny physical likeness and similar taste in music resemble your past loves. In terms of dating history, sometimes girls tend to repeat the past. And if you have a physical type of guy that makes you melt, chances are you’ve developed a pattern. But try expanding your dating options to avoid having your love life stuck on repeat.


The Guy Who Reminds You of Your Ex is a type of man that women should avoid dating. Despite his physical likeness and similar interests to your past loves, it is important to be open to new possibilities and experiences. Falling into the same patterns and repeating the past can lead to a stagnant love life. Instead, try to explore different types of people and experiences to find someone who will be a better fit for you.


The Mama’s Boy

The Mama’s Boy For many women, a tightly-knit family bond is an important asset in any relationship. But there are certain men that may be knit just a little too tightly to a woman that they’ve bonded with through the years. If he must clear all plans with mother or constantly seeks her approval above all else, you may be dealing with the mama’s boy. Sure, familial bonds are important. Just ask Norman Bates. But most mama’s boys aren’t looking for a girlfriend. They’re looking for a girl who will cook, clean and be a wonderful mother... to them. No thanks!


The Mama's Boy is a type of man that women should avoid in relationships. He is overly dependent on his mother and constantly seeks her approval when making decisions, rather than his own. He may also expect his partner to take on the role of a mother, cooking and cleaning for him. This type of man is not looking for a girlfriend, but rather a woman to take care of him. It is important to have a strong family bond, but it is also important to be able to make decisions independently. Women should be aware of this type of man and avoid getting into a relationship with him.


The Guy’s Guy

The Guy’s Guy Sports, card games and cold beer is on the itinerary of the average all-American man. And that’s okay! Guy’s nights are essential for every healthy relationship. While the boys are off doing the male bonding thing, we are enjoying cocktails and pedicures with the girls. There has, however, been a rare mutation of the male species where all social activities must include beer and broadcast sporting events. And if you’re not down to talk football and domestic brews 24-7, this guy’s guy might be the foul ball in your courtship.


The Guy's Guy is the all-American man who loves sports, card games, and beer. He's the kind of guy who prefers to hang out with the boys, doing male bonding activities. While some guys like this can be great for relationships, there is a rare mutation of this type that can be difficult to deal with. These men tend to talk about football and beer all the time, and may be uninterested in anything else. If you're looking for a guy who is interested in more than just sports and beer, you should avoid the Guy's Guy.


The Cheater

The Cheater It’s a sad fact of life that some men are apt to cheat on their wives and girlfriends, and avoiding the cheating type is almost impossible, unless we know of his duplicitous ways prior to pursuing a relationship. Well, blame it on overwhelming emotions, hope that things will change and plain ‘n’ simple poor judgment, women are taking back cheaters for second chances. But when forgiveness soon gives way to third, fourth and fifth chances, it should become clear that cheaters won’t change. Ladies, it’s time to let him go once and for all. Send the cheater packing and save the relationship that matters most - the relationship you have with yourself!


It's easy to fall into the trap of second chances, especially when emotions are involved. Sometimes women believe they can reform a wayward lover, but habitual infidelity is a tough pattern to break. Remember, each time you forgive, you're permitting a cycle of betrayal to continue, leading to endless heartache. By standing firm and moving on from a serial cheater, you're not only affirming your self-worth but also closing the door on repetitive disappointment. Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, and without it, the foundation will inevitably crumble. It's essential to prioritize your own emotional wellbeing and seek a partner who values loyalty as much as you do.


The Broke Guy

The Broke Guy I don't believe money can't buy love, but I also don't believe you should try and date a guy who is content living paycheck to paycheck, who never aims to get himself a better job. If he has no drive and is fine working at a fast food restaurant making minimum wage, consider your options sweet pea! Do you really want to date someone who can't even take you to a movie now and then?


The Broke Guy is one of the 15 types of men to avoid when it comes to love. He is content to live paycheck to paycheck and never strives for more. He is happy with a low-paying job, such as a fast food restaurant, and doesn't have the money to take you out to a movie or dinner. Dating someone who is content with their financial situation can be difficult, as you may not be able to do the things you want to do together. It is important to find someone who is motivated, has ambition, and is striving for more.


The Club Guy

The Club Guy Oh, you all know what I mean here. This is the guy who can be found at any club in town, most nights or weekends of the week. He's incredibly hot, super sweet and dances like a dream. Guess what? He'll probably want to keep up this routine, even if you're dating him, regardless of what he says. Don't go to clubs and expect to find a keeper. Trust me! Most of these men who hang out at clubs all the time end up doing so well into their adult years. Ever wonder why all those men in bars that are 50 are still single? That's why!


The Club Guy is a type of man to avoid if you're looking for a long-term relationship. He's attractive and charming, but he's likely to remain a club-goer even if you start dating. These types of men often stay single into their adult years because they prioritize partying and having fun over committing to a relationship. To avoid ending up with a Club Guy, it's best to meet people in more appropriate settings, like through mutual friends or through activities that you both enjoy. Don't be fooled by his charm and good looks - remember that he's probably not looking for a serious relationship.


The Bossy Guy

The Bossy Guy He may tell you all the sweet things you want to hear, call you when he says he will and is even honest about where he's at. He also doesn't cheat on you, but is he bossy? Does he tell you what to wear, how to wear your hair, what you should look like, or tell you what to do? He's the bossy guy, and these guys are often the kind to avoid. Many become controlling, or abusive. Date someone who lets you express yourself for you and doesn't try to boss you around.


The Bossy Guy is a type of man to avoid in relationships. He may seem perfect on the surface, as he is honest, calls when he says he will and is loyal. However, the Bossy Guy can be controlling and may try to dictate what you should wear, how you should style your hair, and what you should look like. He may also try to tell you what to do. It is important to date someone who respects your individuality and allows you to express yourself. Abusive relationships should be avoided at all costs. It is best to find someone who is supportive and understanding, not bossy and controlling.


The Secretive One

The Secretive One If you're dating a guy who seems perfect but never wants to talk about his personal background, family, and so on, consider before you settle down. If he's really secretive, what is he hiding? A person in a relationship should be honest, open and be willing to share things with you. Don't push, but do be cautious if after months of dating, if he's still not letting you in.


The Secretive One should be avoided when it comes to relationships. He may seem perfect, but his unwillingness to talk about his family background, personal life, and other topics can be a warning sign. After months of dating, if he continues to be secretive and not open up, it may be a sign that he is hiding something from you. It is important to have an honest and open relationship with someone, and if he is not willing to share, it is best to move on. A healthy relationship requires both people to be open and honest with each other.


The One Who Doesn't like Your Family

The One Who Doesn't like Your Family I do not have a perfect family, and nobody does! Yet, if your guy consistently says he doesn't want to be around your family, refuses to attend events where they are present, or is generally rude to them, ditch him! He should love you for you, not your family, and he should respect you enough to treat them with kindness, regardless of how he feels.


The Dream Buster

The Dream Buster This is the guy who is great in theory, but tells you that your dreams are unrealistic, silly, unreachable, or pointless. Any guy not willing to support your ambitions is one that isn't for you deary pie!


The Dream Buster is the type of guy who will try to shoot down your dreams and ambitions. He will tell you that you are being unrealistic and that you should give up on your goals. He will not support you in your endeavors and will not give you the encouragement you need to reach your goals. This type of guy is not the one for you if you want someone who will encourage you and help you reach your dreams. He is the kind of guy who will try to keep you from achieving your ambitions, so it is best to steer clear of him.


The Diet Master

The Diet Master I love to eat healthy, and always will, but I never tell anyone else how to eat, and neither should your guy. Many workout buffs and male dieters are stuck in this category. They tell you not to eat dessert, tell you that you need to lose weight, or they try to order for you at restaurants. If a guy is obsessive about his food and yours, then you need to consider how he treats you. If he hurts your feelings, talk to him, and if things don't improve, get rid of him.


The Diet Master is a type of man to avoid in relationships. He is overly concerned with what and how much you eat, and may even try to order for you at restaurants. He may criticize your eating habits, tell you to lose weight, or forbid you from eating dessert. This type of behavior is controlling and can be emotionally damaging. If your partner is exhibiting these behaviors, it's important to talk to him and set boundaries. If he does not respect these boundaries, it may be time to end the relationship.


The Attention Seeker

The Attention Seeker This is the guy who always wants attention wherever he's at. He wears a tons of cologne, cares way too much about his appearance, interrupts people during conversations and tells pointless jokes anywhere he goes to try to get a laugh. He may be sweet, but why does he need all that attention if he's got you? Aren't you enough? Consider this type before you make a commitment to him.

There are honest, hard-working, socially-balanced men out there. It might take time to find them in the vast variety of lazy, cheating, beer-chugging, money-obsessed mama’s boys. But they’re out there. So don’t stop looking and definitely don’t settle for a man you know better to avoid. There’s good guys and there’s guys who will do you wrong. And if you need help deciphering the difference between them, ask a girlfriend. So tell me, girlfriends. What types of men have you been avoiding lately?

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Some of us just wants a bad boy we can tame but let's face it - they're hard as a rock. I like to date some but if settling down was an option, I wouldn't with them.

What if u have a huy with all this points aaaaaaaa

The only ones I agree you should avoid, are The Cheater, The secretive, The one that dosn't like your family, The rest can be Fixed. Well they all can actually, but only when we want to change.


Thanks for all the feedback, ladies. All valid points. I think the big takeaway here is be with the one who makes you happy and treats you right.

The love of my life was a bad boy :) when he went out with me he mellowed not because of me but he just changed when he met me, he was still a bit of a rebel and it was sexy but eventually it caught up with him and he went too far...

My guy of 2 years is a mix of #2 and 6 but manages to be my perfect match. Most important thing to remember is if you do end up with a guy like this, you will never change or fix him! Let him be himself or let him go

The CHEATER who keeps on asking for chances! It boils my blood!

Avoid the workaholic, he always made me feel I wasn't important enough

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