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Ladies, we all have said at least once in our life how men use us, but have you ever thought of ways girls use men? Whether its something small like getting a free beer, to enjoying a single night fling, we all have used our good looks and killer personality to get something out of a man. Be honest girls, have you ever thought of all the ways girls use men -- yourself included? I'm going to share with you 8 common ways girls use men!

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Free Drinks

Thats right girls, free alcohol all around. We know going out at night to a bar the expectation is already there that some guy is going to buy you a drink. This is totally one of the most popular ways girls use guys! Whether his expectation is to take you home and yours is to down the drink and move on, there is a free item on the table. All we have to do is flash that smile and toss our hair to anyone in the room and we know we don't have to open up our wallet once except to show your ID.


Free Food

There is always some nice guy out there who wants to take you out on a date. You're attracted to him, but not in that, "I really want to be your girlfriend" way. He offers you a night of some fine wine and dine at that new restaurant you have been dying to try, how can you say no? This is absolutely one of the way girls use guys! Sometimes, it's nice to get a free meal just because we're pretty, but remember, don't use this one too often or a guy will catch on!


Girls using men is not a new concept, and there are many ways in which they do it. One of the more common ways is to get a free meal. It is not uncommon for a girl to be attracted to a guy, but not in a romantic way. In these cases, the guy may offer to take the girl out for a nice dinner at a restaurant she has been wanting to try. This is a great way for the girl to get a free meal, while also getting to experience a nice restaurant.

However, this should not be a tactic used too often, as the guy may catch on. This is why it is important for girls to use this tactic sparingly. Additionally, girls should be aware that there are other ways to use men, such as getting them to do chores or getting them to buy them gifts.

It is important to remember that it is not always necessary to use men in order to get something for free. Girls should consider other options, such as asking a friend or family member for help. Additionally, girls should remember that there are many other ways to get something for free, such as using coupons or looking for discounts.


Make Other Guys Jealous

You know your crush is going to be at that new hot spot you have been hearing all about. What better way to get his attention then to use the guys there to flirt with and make him jealous. This is another example of a way us girls use men! Boys are all about competition and approval. If the guy you want sees you being a target for other guys he automatically will want you more. He gets the approval that other guys find you attractive, and the competitive factor to beat them out. If you had to chose one way to use guys, this would be the best.


Fill Our Sexual Needs

Guys are not the only creatures that get physical cravings for intimacy. Sometimes a girl just needs to get lucky. Whether we go out and pick up a guy for a one night stand, or we call up that ex boyfriend who knows every spot on our body, every girl needs to get some physical attention every so often. Girls use men with no attachment and no consideration if they have feelings involved. But again, they are boys, and most of the time they are happy you just want to hook up with them.


Feed Our Ego

How many times have you gone out and been whistled at, shouted too, or grabbed? I mean come on girls, we all love to be told we're attractive. I love when a guy is staring at me from across the room and undressing me with his eyes. Whether I find him attractive or not, I still give him the time of day because sometimes when I feel down on myself I just want someone to make me feel wanted. No chance of humility here girls, and it's okay!


Women have a tendency to feed their egos through men, and this text is a perfect example of that. Women often use men to make themselves feel attractive, desired, and wanted. This is done through compliments, flirting, and even being stared at from across the room. It can be a great confidence boost for a woman to feel desired, and it's totally okay to do so.

However, it's important to remember that there can be a fine line between using men to boost your ego and taking advantage of them. Women should never use men just to make themselves feel better. It's important to build relationships that are based on mutual respect and understanding, not just one-sided admiration.

It's also important to be aware of the power dynamics between men and women. Women should never feel pressured to do anything they don't want to do just to make a man feel better. It's important to remember that women have the right to say no and the right to be respected.


Free Advice

I will be the first to say that I love being able to talk my girl friends' ears off about boys, but sometimes the advice isn't always beneficial. There is something different between a women's point of view and a mans. I use my guy friends for all my physical, emotional, and mental questions I have about men. They give it to me straight, are able to fill me in on the secrets of a man's mind, and tell me if I am wasting my time on someone. Using men for free advice saves you from having to read, 'He's Just Not That Into You'.


We Can't Make up Our Minds

All right girls, I am not the first tell you that most of us have a hard time making up our minds. I know many girls that use men by leading them on. Sometimes its the ex boyfriend and the new guy we have to choose between, or you're dating a few guys at once and don't want to lose any of them. Each guy has their own unique qualities that you find endearing therefore you don't want to let them go. So we send out our mass texts, and plan a few date nights a week. But sooner or later we're gonna have to make a decision.


Withhold Intimacy to Get What We Want

The majority of a man's day is used thinking about sex. For women, its not on our minds quite as often. When we aren't happy with our significant other the last thing we want to do is give them something they want. We use intimacy as a way to manipulate and use men. When we withhold affection it is a way to quote on quote, "whip our men into shape." End result usually gets them to do those dishes, send you flowers, or put the toilet seat down.

All in all, us girls use men more often then we think! Flaunt what you got, and enjoy getting every ounce of attention you deserve. Just because we're after something from a guy doesn't make us a tease. It only makes us more empowered. How many of these ways do you use or plan on trying? Be honest, have you ever used one of these ways to use a guy?

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