7 Tips for when You Regret Breaking up with Your Ex ...


It’s common to feel a whirlwind of confusing emotions when you regret breaking up with your ex.

The demise of a relationship can spawn many feelings like sadness, loneliness, anxiety, guilt and regret.

If you are in this situation, I’m going to share some helpful tips for when you regret breaking up.

1. Need Time to Think

One of the best things you can do when you regret breaking up is to avoid any contact with your ex for at least a month.

This will allow your ex to heal a bit from the pain of the breakup and it will give him a chance to miss you.

By giving yourself time, you will also be able to see the situation objectively so you can determine the best way to proceed.

Surprisingly, you might discover that you made the right decision by ending the relationship the first time around.2

2. Reasons You Want Him Back

Analyze the reasons that you want your ex back.

Why do you want to date your ex again?

Is it because you are still in love with him and think you guys can make a relationship work the next time around?

Or are you lonely and just miss someone to satisfy your emotional and physical needs?2

You need to spend a lot of time figuring out the reasons why you want your ex back in your life before you talk to him.

3. Do You See a Future with Him?

Do you see a future with your ex?

Give that question a lot of thought.

If there’s a chance that you would initiate another breakup rather than work on the problems in the relationship, then move on.2

It’s wickedly cruel and one of the most painful things a dumpee can experience when the person they love initiates a second breakup.

Many people say that they prefer that their ex had never returned if they knew that they were going to lose them a second time.2

He Has a New Girlfriend
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