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How do you be a better girlfriend? We all strive to be the best in everything we do, especially when it comes to relationships. We all know what we want from a man and what qualities we seek in a boyfriend, but are we being good girlfriends? Being a good girlfriend involves much more than making a killer meatloaf or running errands for him. I've got some of the best tips for ways on how to be a better girlfriend ladies! Read on for my top 7 ways to be a better girlfriend and watch your man melt.

1. Be an Independent Woman

Male or female, no one wants to feel smothered or feel like your whole life revolves around them. Have your own schedule and spend time with friends doing what you love. Don’t drastically change yourself or your lifestyle because you’re part of a couple now, you are still you and that’s who he fell for!

Have Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T


Kembriyah Jones
I go out with this boy but the thing is that he's more out going than me I don't know how to deal with it I'm trying to be a better girlfriend I wish he would know that>
You are very welcome Samantha and thank YOU for reading us :) Wish you the very best in your relationship!
Samantha Zinn
Thanks for the tip! I will really try that. So true words can't be taken back so I have to think what I'm gonna say before hurting him accidentally. I really feel bad when I do so and I have to stop s...
Hey Samantha, It's normal to have arguments in a relationship. In fact, what is a relationship without arguments? :) Just make sure that you are being rational and not unnecessarily harsh. I know that...
Samantha Zinn
I needed to find some tips on how to be a better girlfriend. I've been having some argues with my bf and I was hoping I could find some tips so we would avoid such. These are great tips and I will try to apply them in my relationship, thanks!
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