7 Etiquette Rules for Double Dating ...

By Heather

7 Etiquette Rules for Double Dating ...

There are tons of rules for double dating that you might not be aware of! If you are planning a double-date soon, how about we take a look at some of the rules for double dating so that you’ll be all caught up! I know that the last time that I was on a double date, the other couple did not follow a lot of these rules for double dating and it made things really awkward!

1 Make Sure Everyone is Included in the Conversation

The very first thing that you are going to want to take into consideration is making sure that everyone is included in the conversation. This is absolutely one of the very first rules of double dating that everyone should follow! That way, nobody feels left out of a conversation.

2 Group Activities

Group activities are also super, super important. You don’t ever want to plan a double date that was designed for just one set of couples. Bowling, golfing and even pool are all things that are super fun for double dating! Follow this rule of double dating and I know that everyone will have a great time!

3 Cut the PDA out

Now, I am not saying that when you are on a double date, you have to cut all of the PDA out, but making out in front of the other couple, especially when they might not be at that stage yet isn't nice! In fact, that's one of the cardinal rules of double dating that should never be broken!

4 Don't Get Drunk

Drinking on a double is absolutely acceptable, however, you don't want to get drunk. This could end up bad all around, plus you don't know how the other couple might be feeling about getting drunk or even dealing with another couple that is drunk. Truthfully, if you keep it to a minimum, drinking on a double date can be fun!

5 No Fighting

So I was on this double date once and I have to say, the other couple was constantly nit-picking and fighting with one another. You want awkward, that is the most awkward thing in the world! One of the key rules of double dating is to keep your fights to yourself!

6 Pick a Couple You Both Get along with

Whenever you are thinking about going on a double date, one of the first rules of double dating that you should follow is choosing a couple that you get along with! Not only will this make the date super smooth, but you'll enjoy it! Trust me, double dating is an incredible experience, but only if you have the right couple to do it with!

7 Plan in Advance

Finally, the last rule of double dating is all about planning. Whether you are planning the event or you are planning which couple you are going to want to go on a double date with, make sure that you plan in advance. Trust me, this will save you a ton of headache in the long run!

Even though going on a double date is a little harder than a typical date, these rules of double dating make it so much easier! Trust me, if you follow these rules of double dating, I promise, you'll have so much fun! So ladies, what double dating stories do you have? Share 'em!

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