8 Ways to Recover from an Abusive Relationship ...


Learning all of the different ways to recover from an abusive relationship isn't easy.

Going through the process is hard, but necessary in order for you to really heal.

Girls, if you've been in an abusive relationship, I've got the top 8 ways to recover from an abusive relationship.

So ladies, if you've been in an abusive relationship, you might want to take a read to these top ways to recover from an abusive relationship.2

1. Build a Support Group

The very first way to recover from an abusive relationship that we are going to explore is getting together a support group.

Truthfully, this will help you get through your breakup and get you to realize yourself.

Getting out of an abusive relationship is hard enough, being isolated (especially if your past relationship dwelled on isolation) is never something that is good for you.

So surround yourself in love and support!

Avoid Relationships for a While


These tips totally changed my life! I'm 18 and I was very foolish and ended up dating an awful abusive guy. I had bruises up and down my arms and always had a black eye. I even had my nose broken recently. He was totally messed up. I recently had to have therapy because of him. I was always paranoid that he would come back for me and torture me. It was really awful.. I cried every night. Luckily my sister was able to help me get out and get him sent to jail and a rehabilitation center. He use to be my best friend in kindergarten.. Until now I never understood how violent and full of anger he was.
Heather Jensen
Hey Meg, they do! It will just take time to work through that, eventually someone will come into your life that you will want to be close to.
Heather Jensen
Wonderful, you are absolutely worth a man that will treat you right! It will just take time for you to get into a new relationship, don't rush it!
I'm out. I'm glad. He hurt me. Not necessarily physically but emotionally. He would always comment on how I can improve myself and never on whats great about me. He put me down when I was happy and made things worse when things were bad. I had to get away. But I'm still scared of a new relationship. He had somewhat made me believe I have no worth to any other man but him.
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