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8 Best Remedies for a Broken Heart ...

By Heather

A broken heart isn't something you can easily get over, but there are some best remedies for a broken heart out there. Are you currently going through a breakup? Are you looking for the best remedies for a broken heart so you can start putting the pieces back together? I've got the top 8 best remedies for a broken heart below. These tips helped me get over my broken heart many times, so ladies, give it a try and take a look below!

1 Walk It off

Learning to put yourself back together again is never, ever easy. In fact, it's one of the hardest things in the world. If you've just parted ways with your loved one, why not take a walk with a friend? Really think about it, talk about it and walk it all off. It won't be easy at first, but when I got dumped, I took a walk deep in the woods and this was truly one of the best remedies for a broken heart that I found.

2 Spa Day

After your walk, a spa day might be in order. Truthfully, a day at the spa can put anyone at ease. It can help relieve all of the tension in your body, get rid of all of the negative emotions and truly help you feel completely cleansed and refreshed. So ladies, get a massage, a facial and even a mani/pedi, this best remedy for a broken heart is a step all about pampering you.

3 Vacation

This might not be a step that every single person can take, but if you find that your heart has been broken, you might want to take a vacation. Remember when Carrie in Sex and the City the movie got left at the alter? Samantha kept the honeymoon and they went to Mexico? Think of that, it took her some time, but eventually, she started to have fun. So grab your best girlfriend and pick a destination.

4 Catch up with Old Friends

If you can't take a vacation, catching up with old friends is another best remedy for a broken heart out there. Just hearing not just about their life, but also hearing everything that they thought about your ex can really help you in the long run. So call up your best girlfriends that you haven't seen for a while and make a girls night out date.

5 Clear the Clutter

When I got dumped, not only did the earlier steps work, but I went on a cleaning spree. I mean, I cleaned everything and rearranged everything. This helped not only clear out all of the clutter of my ex, but it actually helped really cleanse and make my apartment mine again. This is a necessary step ladies and one that really does work.

6 Exercise

Even if you exercise now, if you feel that you have a ton of pent up energy, it might be beneficial for you to exercise it all out. Hop on the treadmill, go for a run or even just take a yoga class. Exercises not only releases all of the endorphins in your brain, but you'll feel better! This is truly one of the best remedies for a broken heart!

7 Take up a Hobby

You might be wondering what you can do now that you have all of this free time now that you're single. Why not take up that hobby you've been dying to take up? Painting, teaching, maybe it is even something as simple as meditating. Whatever hobby you've been trying to get started but haven't had the time, it might be time now!

8 Start a Journal

Finally, the last remedy for a broken heart that we're going to talk about is starting a journal. You might not think that writing all of your emotions out is going to help, but it does. It really lets you get your grief, your revenge, your hatred out. Trust me, this is the one step that you do want to do.

Curing a broken heart is hard. It's a part of life that nobody likes to deal with. These are just some of the best remedies for a broken heart out there, but do you have anymore? What remedies for a broken heart have you used in the past?

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