17 Ways to Tell ๐Ÿค” if You're Truly ๐Ÿ’ฏ Unhappy ๐Ÿ˜” in Your Relationship ๐Ÿ‘ซ ...


It can be hard to learn how to tell if you're unhappy in a relationship, especially if you've been in your relationship for a really, really long time.

Sometimes, comfort can be mistaken as happiness and you don't want that.

What ways are there for learning how to tell if you're unhappy in a relationship?

Take a look below, I've got the top 17 signs you should be watching out for!

1. You Fear Committing

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Finding out you are really unhappy in your relationship is always hard, but learning how to tell if you're unhappy in a relationship is even harder sometimes.

Do you constantly fear committing to your partner?

Do you not think that you are completely good together?

Do you imagine breaking up all of the time?

These are signs that you've got to watch out for.

You should want to be with your partner forever, if you are serious about them.

2. You Conceal Your True Self

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What about your true self?

Do you reveal that to your partner?

Do you feel like you can be yourself around him or her?

If not, why are you with them?

You should be able to be completely true to yourself in front of your partner.

You should be able to be completely open and let them read you.

3. You Snoop a Lot

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While this might seem like a distrustful action, you probably are just snooping because you are hoping to find some shred of something that you can break up with them for.

While you might be somewhat happy sometimes in your relationship, overall you are unhappy and you want to break up;

you just don't know how, so you snoop, hoping to find something.

4. Constantly Depressed

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Being depressed is something that is constant in your life, especially in terms of your relationship.

When you think about the future and being with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you are extremely depressed and you don't really want to dwell on it.

Imagine Life without Your Partner Constantly
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