7 Signs He Will Be Faithful in Your Relationship ...

By Alicia

If you want to know if your guy will be true to you, there are some signs he will be faithful that you can look for. No one wants to go through the pain of being cheated on. While there is no complete guarantee that it won’t happen to you, there are some signs he will be faithful that you can look for. If you have the right answers to these scenarios, it may help you to relax in your worries.

1 He is an Open Book

One of the best signs he will be faithful is if he is an open book. If he is open and honest with you, you are going to feel more relaxed and able to feel he will be faithful. If he is an open book, he will tell you things about his past. He will be happy to answer any question that you have, which will set your mind at ease. An open and honest relationship will make you have a lot of faith in him.

2 He Has Been Faithful in the past

If he was faithful in past relationships then chances are he will be faithful in this one. Ask about his past and his past relationships. Ask what the causes of the break-ups were and what problems they had. Even if he hasn’t always been faithful, it doesn’t mean he won’t be now. But it is something you should know about and keep in mind with all of the other factors to consider.

3 His Parents Were Faithful

Are his parents still together? Were they faithful to one another? How many times have they been married? Those are things to consider. Whatever sort of relationship that his parents have is going to have had an impact on him, just as your parents' relationship has a bearing on you.

4 He Hangs out with a Good Crowd

The crowd you hang out with always has an influence on you, whether it is a good crowd or a bad crowd. A good crowd of friends will encourage him to choose a good path and follow good morals. The same is true with women, as we well know. Our friends have a big influence on our lives. The old saying is true. “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.”

5 He Doesn’t Go MIA

If your guy doesn’t go MIA, that is a good sign that he will be faithful to you. Men who are unfaithful have large gaps in their time when you don’t know where they are and they can’t explain. If your guy is always where he says he is and is very easygoing about sharing that information with you, you can most likely relax. If he doesn’t act like he has something to hide, he probably doesn’t. Don’t be suspicious if there is no need to be.

6 He Doesn’t Have a Roving Eye

A man who will be unfaithful will generally have a roving eye. You know, visually taking in most females he comes in contact with. If your guy only has eyes for you, rest assured. You most likely have a man who will be faithful to you. Enjoy him and appreciate that he only sees you.

7 You Have a Gut Feeling about Him

More than anything else, your gut feeling matters. While our intuition isn’t always correct, most of the time it is. You just have to be careful to separate any unrealistic suspicions from your true intuition. Your true intuition is a feeling you have, regardless of other factors. Suspicions are unnecessary worries. If you are unsure, sometimes talking to a wise and close friend can help you sort that out.

While some men are unfaithful, more of them are not. It pays to be alert but not make your life miserable over the possibility. Ladies, would you weigh in here with some other signs of unfaithfulness you look for?

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