9 Adorable Signs That You're Head over Heels in Love ...


9 Adorable Signs That You're Head over Heels in Love ...
9 Adorable Signs That You're Head over Heels in Love ...

Do you love your boyfriend so much it hurts, and feels like you’re head over heels in love? The first flush of love can be something so intense it knocks you off your feet, but how do you know whether you’re actually in love, or if it’s just lust? This is something my girlfriends and I often talk about, and whilst sometimes it’s easy to tell when you’re head over heels in love with Mr. Perfect, sometimes you’re just not quite sure. There are some signs to spot though, and if you can relate to any of these, the chances are you’re one smitten kitten!

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You’re Name-Dropping

When you’re falling in love with someone for the first time, they’re all you can think about, and speak about. Ever notice your friends getting that glazed look in their eye as you tell them yet another story about just how amazing and wonderful your new man is? Name dropping is a definite sign that you’re head over heels in love – his name rolls off your tongue in practically every sentence as you recount every detail of your weekend to your best friends and family!


Food Isn’t Important to You

One of the signs you’re in love is that you’ve lost your appetite. You’re still eating, but food doesn’t have the appeal it used to. Every second spent eating is a second you could be spending with your new man, and you just don’t seem to have your usual appetite. It’s important to look after yourself, so even if you aren’t that hungry, try to make time for healthy snacks such as cereal bars, fruit and nuts, or light meal choices like sushi, salad or a wrap. Your new boyfriend won’t be impressed if you lose your gorgeous, womanly curves!


You Can’t See His Flaws

You think your latest crush is the bee’s knees. Not only is he kind, generous and incredibly gorgeous, he also dresses stylishly, is kind to children and animals and is probably the most perfect person anywhere on the entire planet. Chances are, you’re smitten, honey! Everyone has their flaws, and when you first meet someone and fall head over heels you don’t seem to notice the negatives. A huge part of forming a committed relationship and falling in love is learning to love someone for their flaws, as this is part of who they are. In the early days, you may very well think that your man is completely perfect!


You’re Glowing

It’s true that women in love glow. Your skin is lit from an inner happiness, your eyes sparkle and that smile has been plastered to your face since the minute you met. You’re convinced he’s Mr. Right and you love him to death – and it’s only been a few months! Feeling happy from the inside out is wonderful, and it will reflect in your appearance; your worries will melt away as you start to imagine what your babies will look like and plan every detail of your lives together. Just remember to take things slowly; if he really is The One then you have the rest of your lives to enjoy yourselves together!


You Start to Love Cutesy Signs of Affection

If, like me, you’re the kind of girl who dreads anything overly-cutesy and sentimental (this includes huge stuffed toys brandishing ‘I wuv you’ hearts), then one of the first signs you’ve fallen hard for someone is that you’ll suddenly come over all mushy. Red roses, huge stuffed bears clutching felt hearts and helium balloons declaring your love will no longer induce a feeling of sickness. Instead you’ll sigh and smile at the sight of them. When your new man arrives on your doorstep with a heart shaped box of chocolates, or sends you cute texts telling you how beautiful you are, you’ll melt inside. You’ve got it bad!


You Spend Your Weekends at Bridal Fairs

If you’ve been dating your new guy for a few months and find yourself queuing to buy copies of bridal magazines, or booking tickets to wedding fairs and exhibitions, you are one hopelessly in love chick! It’s ok to dream about your big day and plan your future, but it’s best to keep things like this to yourself in the early stages of your relationship. You’ll find many men in their 20s and 30s take a while to adjust to the idea of committing themselves to one person forever, so whilst you might be eagerly planning your dream wedding, he’s probably happy with the way things are. Just because you’re in love and think he’s a great catch, doesn’t mean you need to push the relationship forwards; let it advance at its own pace, and both of you will be happier in the long run!


You Make Playlists of Love Songs

Your MP3 player was once filled with metal, rock and indie bands, but today all that’s on there is playlists of the sappiest love songs known to man. You’re actually a bit ashamed to admit that the lyrics of love songs now reach out to you, and you can relate to them! You’ve even created a playlist of ‘your’ songs – your first kiss, your first night together, your first movie. You’re absolutely head over heels in love, and listening to romantic ballads confirms this!


You Spend Hours on Your Appearance

You always want to look your best for your boyfriend, and you spend a lot of time getting ready, even if you’re just popping to the local store for groceries. When you care about what he thinks and want him to think you’re amazing, you’ll find yourself spending more time on your appearance than ever before. Just don’t become too high-maintenance; remember, men love the natural look, and he probably won’t enjoy waiting for three hours whilst you do your hair, nails and makeup for your dinner date! Make sure you’re always well groomed and look your best, but don’t pile on the makeup – the look you’re going for is naturally pretty and self-confident.


You’re Smiling from Ear to Ear

If you’re walking down the street right now, browsing AWS on your smartphone and grinning from ear to ear, the chances are, you’re madly in love! Falling in love causes the brain to release a hormone called oxytocin, which is the same chemical released by women’s brains when they orgasm. This is what gives you your flushed glow when you fall in love, and after being intimate with your partner, and it’s also why you’re smiling so broadly right now. It’s easy to spot someone who’s in the first flush of love by their sparkling eyes and wide smile!

Falling in love is one of the best things in life, but it’s important to take it slowly and let your relationship develop at its own pace. Whether it turns out to be love or just lust, you’ll enjoy yourself no matter what! Tell me how you knew you were in love with your significant other, or share with me how you could tell your partner was The One?

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Thy Sounds Like Infatuation >.>..

Shouldn't have to spend hours on appearance

Dhani harrison omg

That's signs of a "Moving too fast Maniac woman" not a "head over heels in love woman"

This is so me

You cannot stop thinking about them

Food is my love :P

I actually have no idea, could just feel in my gut deep down that he is the one for me and the good part is that we are taking small steps to the future cause I really don't want to loose him at all cause I don't know what I would do without him in my life, he's my bestfriend and I tell him everything :) I love him more than anything :)

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