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7 Relationship Boosters ...

By Melanie

Sometimes, relationships get out of hand and before we realize it, the relationship ends. This is because we did not do enough relationship boosters while the relationship was going on. A relationship, just like a garden, needs nutrients to grow. In this blog posting, I am going to give you 7 relationship boosters …

7 Gossiping with Him

I think it is okay to gossip with your guy from time to time. Gossiping can be a good relationship booster and it can also be a great way to learn your partners likes and dislikes. Of course, you should not gossip just to pick on someone out of jealousy.

6 Knowing the Partners Goals

If you do not know your partners goals, then now is the time to do so. I believe the two of you should sit down together and discuss any goals that you may have. By discussing these goals, you will be getting closer to your partner.

5 Encouragement

Encouragement is a great relationship booster. For example, if he is doing a job that he is not sure about, come along and give him the encouragement he needs. Sometimes, encouragement is all the person needs.

4 Laughter

Personally, I believe that laughter is the best medicine, so it makes sense to include this on my list of relationship boosters. I am sure that many of you are going to agree with me on this one. Laughter can take a very dull moment and turn it into a happy moment. This is something that can really wake you up.

3 Going out on Dates

Even if you have been married for twenty years, you should still go out on dates. For an even better relationship booster, try going on a date to the place where the two of you first met. During this time, the two of you can share memories of the happy moments you have had together.

2 Playing Games

Playing video games is my style and if you read my blogs, you already know this one. Well, if you don’t like playing video games, then try sitting down and playing a board game with your partner.

1 Going on a Trip Together

I always thought road trips were really fun and they are even better when you are going with someone you are in a relationship with. There are so many things you can do together during the trip. If you go on a road trip, then there will be plenty of time to talk to each other, which, I believe, communication is a good relationship booster. Of course, during this road trip, be sure to pay attention to the road and don’t get too caught up in the moment.

Those are 7 relationship boosters that you need to employ into your relationship. These boosters will help keep the love going strong. Of course, there are many other boosters, such as sex, but I didn’t include that on the list, because some people reading my blog may not be at that part in their relationship. So, what are some boosters on your list?

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