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9 Adorable Things All Super Romantic Girls Want Their Man to do ...

By Lucy

Are you a super romantic girl who can't get enough of happy endings? If so, you'll totally be able to relate to these things that romantic girls want their man to do!

1 Serenade Her

art, Every super romantic girls dreams of her looking out her bedroom window and seeing her man down below, serenading her with his beautiful voice! Isn't that something right out of a fairy tale? Maybe fairy tales can be reality, after all!

2 Get down on One Knee

person, human positions, Squarerootof69, You know that part when the relationship gets to that amazing place, everything is going so well and you just want it to last forever! Sound familiar? This is what every romantic girl awaits for, just hoping he will get down on one handsome knee and pop the question they've been waiting to hear for so long!

3 Sweep Her off Her Feet

black, white, road, black and white, street, Every super romantic girl wants to be swept off her feet by her amazing man and taken away to a beautiful paradise where everything is totally amazing and dreamy! She will fantasise of this happening right before she's even had her first kiss.

4 Hold Her until She Falls Asleep

person, human action, black and white, kiss, man, Is there anything better than falling asleep at night in your luxurious bed with your amazing man holding you? I don't think so! It's the best feeling in the world knowing that you're safe and secure in his protective arms.

5 Be Supportive in Times of Need

person, facial hair, Even super romantic girls go through tough times and rough patches, but what makes it bearable is knowing that they have their man right there to be totally supportive and to look after her! He will be there to give you plenty of kisses, cuddles and moral support.

6 Be Her Prince Charming

person, cartoon, woman, anime, illustration, Romantic girls will constantly re-watch those fabulous Disney movies and feel totally jealous of all those beautiful princesses who find their Prince Charming before riding off into the sunset! But what makes her super happy is when she turns off the TV and her very own Prince Charming is standing at her front door, holding a bouquet of roses in one hand!

7 Love Her to Pieces

hair, hairstyle, singing, Deep down romantic girls want to be loved by their special man, and they want him to show his love and affection on a regular basis. They want to be constantly reminded of why they're so irresistible to him so that they can tease him about it later!

8 Surprise Her Every Now and Again

amusement park, vacation, festival, They want to be pleasantly surprised every so often with romantic surprise from their man, whether that's a bouquet of their favourite flowers, a box of delicious chocolates, a reservation booked at the classiest restaurant in town or a weekend getaway to a romantic suite!

9 Be Equally as Romantic

white, black, person, black and white, film noir, Some may think that super romantic girls brings more than enough romance to a relationship, but sometimes romantic girls just want to see an equal interest in this aspect by their man! They want to see that he can be totally romantic so that the relationship has plenty of excitement and mystery!

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