Fun Kissing Games to Play for Any Occasion ...


Fun Kissing Games to Play for Any Occasion ...
Fun Kissing Games to Play for Any Occasion ...

Kissing games are a fun way to pass the time, get a deeper connection with your partner and to brush up on your lip locking technique. They can also pave the way for spicing up your love life – get adventurous with your kissing and who knows what it will lead to. They can also add some extra excitement if your relationship has been getting a bit stale – a great reminder of what passionate kisses are. Check out these kissing games:

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Red Lipstick Kisses

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, nose, A red lipstick kiss mark is the quintessential symbol of love and lust, and you can play a fun game where you apply your lipstick and plant as many kisses all over your partner’s body in a minute as you can. One your minute is up, get him to do the very same and when you have finished, you both count up the marks on your body and winner gets, well, the winner gets whatever they want!


The thrill of competition adds an exhilarating twist to intimacy, making the red lipstick challenge a cheeky favorite. For added excitement, you might set a playful penalty for the 'loser,' such as a sweet dare or a pampering favor—it's all in good fun! Moreover, vary the game by picking different parts of the body for a surprise factor or even blindfolding your partner for a hint of mystery. Above all, it's a delightful way to indulge in each other's company and ignite a passionate fire.


Lucky Ticket Kisses

human action, person, man, male, romance, On little pieces of paper, write down as many different kinds of kisses that you can think off, from French kiss to butterfly kiss to peck on the cheek to hickey! Put all of these pieces of paper in a jar and one evening you can take it out and have you and your partner pick different kinds of kisses to give to one another. It certainly makes a change from watching Netflix!


Lick It up!

finger, clothing, blond, leg, hand, You’ll need some chocolate sauce or another kind of edible body treat for this game. Take turns placing the treat in various places on your body and it’s your partner’s job to kiss and lick until there is nothing left. The game is simple: the first person to get tired of doing it, has to perform a forfeit (sexual or otherwise!) of the winner’s choosing!


Indulge in a deliciously naughty twist on traditional foreplay with this sweetly seductive game. Whether it's drizzled trails of chocolate down your neck or a dollop of whipped cream on your collarbone, the possibilities are delightfully endless. As each partner takes their turn, the sensual act of licking and savoring not only ignites the taste buds but also fuels the fiery chemistry between you. But don't be fooled by its simplicity – this game can quickly escalate into an intense battle of wills as you each vie to outdo the other, all while laying the foundation for a passionate night ahead.


Guess the Flavor

food, dessert, public space, marketplace, city, This one is a classic. Grab a box of your favorite sweet candies and take turns popping them in your mouth and kissing your partner. It is then up to them to guess what flavor is in your mouth. Take it in turns until somebody guesses ten flavors correctly. I’ll leave it up to you to decide on what the winner’s prize should be!


The sweet taste of mystery adds a playful twist to your kisses with the Guess the Flavor game. Whether you're huddled at home or sharing a moment in a quaint café, the fun unfolds as you unravel the subtle notes of strawberry, the tang of citrus, or the richness of chocolate on each other's lips. It's a deliciously intimate game that not only spices up your kisses but also tantalizes your taste buds. And for those with a competitive streak, the thrill of victory after a correct guess can be as sweet as the candy itself. Who knew confectionery could be so seductive?


Movie Kissing Challenge

human action, person, kiss, man, nose, This is good one to play if you want to persuade your man to watch a weepy romance or rom-com with you. Watch intently and whenever you see a kiss occur on screen, you and your partner have to do the very same thing. Perhaps more advanced players might want to pop their 50 Shades DVD in the player!


The Movie Kissing Challenge is sure to add a splash of excitement to movie night. It's a flirtatious and playful way to connect with your partner while enjoying cinematic love stories. As each on-screen couple shares a passionate embrace, it's your cue to mirror their affection. The thrills become even more intense when the movie scenes are unpredictably filled with romance. So, snuggle up, grab your favorite snacks, and let the actors guide your kisses. It's a perfect blend of entertainment and intimacy that will leave both of you with butterflies in your stomachs!


Kissing Marathon

human action, black and white, black, person, image, The game is simple. You have to lock lips with your partner and perform a marathon kiss, going for as long as you possibly can. The first person to break the kiss, either from tiredness or from giggling, is the loser, and they are now at the mercy of the marathon kissing superior!


Whether it's a private two-player bout or the center of attention at a party, the Kissing Marathon can get quite competitive. Bystanders often turn into cheerleaders as they watch the clock and root for their favorite 'couple-athlete'. Win or lose, the game often ends with flushed cheeks and laughter, leaving everyone feeling a touch more amorously connected. If you're feeling particularly daring, set a new personal best or even try to break a record. Just remember, it's not about who wins – it’s about savoring those intimate moments together. Keep your chapstick close, because this game is a true test of endurance and playfulness!


The ChapStick Challenge

person, interaction, cyank, This one is very similar to the guess the flavor candy challenge, and you can see hundreds of examples of it online where it became a very popular challenge for couples to perform on YouTube. Go to your local store and buy lots of different flavored chap sticks, and you can have a really fun time going back and forth with your partner applying, kissing, and trying to guess which flavor the other is wearing.

Are you ready to pucker up and have some lip locking fun?

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