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Small Gestures to Show Your Man You Love Him ...

By Alicia

Men want to know they’re loved just as much as women do but it can seem like we speak different languages at times. These’re 17 small gestures that’ll make your man feel loved and keep your relationship wonderful.

1 Take Care of YOU

This may sound like it’s selfish but it’s not. When you’re happy, your man is happy! So do what you need to do to make sure that your own needs are met.

2 Show Appreciation for All He Does for You

Men love to be appreciated! Whatever your man does for you, let him know you notice. Whether it’s always opening a door or paying your car payment, express your appreciation.

3 Be Responsible with Money if You Share Finances

Know what doesn’t make a man feel loved? Jacked up credit card bills and spending more than you can afford. If you’re sharing finances, mind the budget and he’ll love you for it.

4 Don’t Man Bash

Man bashing is always a bad idea. It brings you down, makes your man look bad and hurts his feelings. Just don’t.

5 Join in on One of His Hobbies

Most men love when their woman joins them in whatever their hobbies are. Whatever he’s into, join him, at least on occasion.

6 Cook for Him 🍪

There’s an old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and there’s truth to that. Fix him dinner or his favorite treat. You’ll steal his heart.

7 Send Him out for a Guy’s Night

Too much time together isn’t good. Give him time to go out with the guys. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know!

8 Compliment Him

Men appreciate a sincere compliment. There’re tons of things you love about him or you wouldn’t be with him. Tell him how handsome he is, how you love his kind heart or whatever fits.

9 Plan a Romantic Day Alone ⛵

You can surprise him with a romantic day alone just like he can you. He’ll love that you made such a special effort for him! Make sure to plan something he’s sure to enjoy, though.

10 Give a Little Love 💏

Affection is great glue in a relationship. It keeps it strong! Give him a spontaneous hug or kiss and reach for his hand sometimes instead of expecting him to always reach for yours.

11 Brag about Him to Others

His heart will swell with pride if you brag about him to others. He knows how much he means to you if you do this.

12 Surprise Him with a Gadget He’s Had His Eye on

Most guys love their gadgets. If you can, surprise him with the latest gadget he’s been eyeing.

13 Say You’re Sorry when You’re Wrong

Arguments are never fun but they’ll be much fewer if you apologize when you’re wrong. Saying you’re sorry when you’re wrong is an act of maturity.

14 Do Your Part in the Relationship

If you’re in a committed relationship where you share responsibilities such as household chores, do your part. It’s not any fun when your partner doesn’t keep up their end of the deal.

15 Ask for His Advice

Guys are fixers! They love when you come to them and ask for advice. It’s even better when you actually take their advice.

16 Initiate Sex ❤

Most guys love when their girlfriend or wife initiates sex. It’s a nice change if it’s something out of the ordinary.

17 Leave Him a Love Note to Find ✏

Men like romance as much as women do, they just don’t always verbalize that fact. Leaving him a love note to find is a sweet way to let him know how much you care.

These’re small and simple gestures that can make your man feel loved. Which ones are you going to try?

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