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Are You in a Rebound Relationship? 8 Signs to Look for ...

By Sici

We don’t always like to think about it, and we don’t always want to accept that it is a possibility, but rebound relationships are much more common and frequent than you might imagine. You always want to think that this next partner is ‘the one’, but if you really took a second to think about it, might it be more of a reaction to their last break up than an exciting discovery of true love? Here are eight signs that you are in a rebound relationship.

1 Keeping It Casual

They keep telling you that they like how things are at the moment and they want to keep it casual for now, but there is only so long it can stay that way. At some point, you are going to have to move to the next stage together, or accept that he isn’t in it for the long haul and maybe move on with your life.

2 Not over Ex

From the conversations that you have and the discussions that arise, it is clear that he still isn’t over his ex. Even if he always brings her up to negatively compare her to you, the fact of the matter is that he is still thinking about her nearly all of the time!


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3 Anger

They seem to be filled up with a lot of anger and baggage from their last relationship, to the point where you start to feel like you are only there as a distraction from their thought process to try to take their mind off their ex. You don’t deserve to be playing the part of someone who isn’t there anymore; you are better off with someone who wants you, not a ghost.

4 Deliberately Avoid

At the other end of the spectrum, it can also be a sign if they deliberately never talk about their ex either. It is natural for your old partners to come up in conversation from time to time, so it could be a sign that he still has strong feelings for her if he is consciously making the effort never to bring her up or dwell on her for too long.

5 Won’t Open up

There might be an underlying reserve of feelings still there if you find that he just will not open up to you about his past relationships. It could be a number of things: perhaps he doesn’t like you enough to want to be vulnerable in your presence, or perhaps he thinks you will be able to tell straight away that he still loves his ex if he opens up to you.

6 Just Sex

If it feels like your relationship is pretty much all sex and no emotional connection, then it’s pretty likely that you are just being used as a rebound. He is probably looking for all of the sexual distraction and none of the actual intimacy.

7 Too Much Too Soon

If things feel like they are happening way too fast, it might be a case of him trying to outdo his ex by moving on a lot quicker than she is. You don’t want to end up a pawn in their stupid game.

8 Mixed Signals

One day he’s really into you, the next day he isn’t even returning your calls. These kinds of mixed messages are a classic sign of a guy who just on the rebound and playing the field.

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