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What His Hug Really Means ...

By Sici

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as hug can convey anything more than just simple affection, but if you talk to any kind of body language expert, they will be able to tell you that you can say more with a hug than you could possibly imagine! If you want to get more of a handle on how a particular guy feel about you, then it might be worth assessing how he hugs you and then coming back here to refer! Here is what his hug really means.

Table of contents:

  1. Cold shoulder hug
  2. Quick squeeze hug
  3. Catcher hug
  4. Twirl hug
  5. Tight squeeze
  6. Sneaky hug
  7. Gentle rub hug
  8. Waist hug
  9. Pat hug
  10. Head touching hug

1 Cold Shoulder Hug

This is the kind of hug that feels stiff and awkward and almost as if he is pulling away from you before you even embrace. This can happen on a first date when he is nervous, or perhaps in a social occasion when they guy has a girlfriend that he doesn’t want to make jealous!

2 Quick Squeeze Hug

This is a really sweet and intimate kind of hug. It’s a fast burst of affection that can sometimes feel even more loving than a long embrace

3 Catcher Hug

This is what the guy embraces you and then picks you up, possibly with a cinematic twirl thrown in to the mix! It’s usually an indicator that he has really missed you, no matter how much time you have spend apart.

4 Twirl Hug

And then moving on from the catcher hug, you have the full-on twirl hug, he’ll take you for three, four, five spin if he wants to because he wants it to feel like you are the only two people in the world at the moment.

5 Tight Squeeze

There is a quick squeeze, and then there is a tight squeeze. The difference being that a tight squeeze can last for much longer and still feel just as intimate and comforting.

6 Sneaky Hug

Him coming up behind you to give you a sneaky hug every now and then is a good indicator that he can’t keep his hands off you and he wants to you to feel his affection as often as you can.

7 Gentle Rub Hug

When a guy really wants to make you feel valued and comforted, he will add a soothing back rub to the hug; not so long that it becomes kind of awkward, but also not so short that you hardly notice it.

8 Waist Hug

Some guys prefer to hug around the waist than around the neck and shoulder areas, and this is an indicator that his affection for you is on a much deeper, more intimate level. The lower down his hands and arms are on your body, the more intimate it is.

9 Pat Hug

This kind of hug always feels more friendly than romantic I’m afraid, that can’t of quick embrace and pat on the back that you might see him giving a male friend. If you’re getting those too, then you are probably in the friend zone.

10 Head Touching Hug

The kind of hug that ends with a delicate forehead touch between the two of you is probably the most intimate of all hugs. It’s basically an Eskimo kiss and declaration of love!

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