Are You Looking for Love or Are You Just a Hopeless Romantic?


Are you in love with love? This is definably different to being in love. Being a hopeless romantic means you see love in everything. You might go so far as saying you believe in fairytales and princesses who find their princes. Or does this not ring true with you? Do you see love on a more practical level – that it’s something you want in your life, but it’s not the be all and end all? So let’s see – are you a hopeless romantic or just looking for love?

1. Are You “waiting” for Your Knight in Shining Armor?

Do you honestly believe that one day the perfect man is going to find you? The operative phrase is “find you.” Are you sure he is going to come along and sweep you off your feet? If that is the case, ask yourself if you are a hopeless romantic.

Hoping the right man is going to find you is a little unrealistic, but it is not impossible. After all, women are hit on (subtly or otherwise) at least three times per week, and if you happen to be very attractive, then that number can go up to twenty times per week.

Are You “searching” for Your Knight in Shining Armor?


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