Are You Ready for Real Love ?


Are You  Ready for Real Love ?
Are You  Ready for Real Love ?

Here’s the thing: when you are young, inexperienced, and heading out into your first adventures in the world of romance, absolutely every connection that you make seems crazy, wild, overwhelming, and significant. That’s part of being drunk on romance, but as you get older, you will start to understand that a casual fling, a two-month relationship, and a true, lasting love are all completely different things! Anyone in the world can have some casual dating fun every now and then, but it takes something special to finally be mature enough to head out on a real love journey. Here are some things that you need to understand and to know. Are you ready for real love?

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Learn the Difference between Just Wanting Love, and Actually Being Emotionally Ready for the Commitment That It Involves


Letting Go of Any List of Expectation That You Might Have in Your Head. All Bets Are off!


Truly Being Able to Love Your Own Life before Inviting Someone into It


Understanding That It Isn’t about What You Can Gain, but What You Can Give


Finally Being Okay with Being Vulnerable with Another Person, Even Though if Feels Scary

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

Being Able to Love Not Only when It is Convenient, but Also when It is Tough


Knowing How to Apologise when You Realise That You Are at Fault


Being Able to Let Go of Any past Relationship Baggage, Because It Isn’t Fair to Bring It into the New Partnership


Being Able to Let Go of the Fear of Having Your Heart Broken. It’s a Gamble We All Have to Take


Being Able to Practise Self Care in Order to Stay Both Mentally and Physically Healthy


Having an Understanding of What Your Own Boundaries Are, and Being Strong Enough to Enforce Them and Speak up when You Feel like They Are Being Tested


Being Able to Comfortably Express Gratitude without Being Sarcastic or Insincere


Being Selective about Who You Spend Your Time with, and How You Spend It, Because You Have the Feelings of a Loved One to Consider Now as Well


Knowing How to Communicate Effectively, and Not Being Afraid to Have Tough Conversations about Important Relationship Topics


Not Being Afraid to Say the Things That You Need to Say in Order to Move past Small Obstacles, Otherwise They Will Continue to Get Bigger and Bigger and Will Eventually Become Impassable


Being Able to Be a Great Listener, Because Once You Commit to Real Love, You Need to Be the One Person Who Your Partner Can Come Home to at the End of the Day and Really Reveal Themselves to when They Need It

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