7 Tips to Attracting Mr. Right ...


7 Tips to Attracting Mr. Right ...
7 Tips to Attracting Mr. Right ...

Seem to be attracting frogs instead of princes all the time? We've been there and we know how frustrating that can be. In her post, Kyra tells you how to attract the right kind of men and more importantly keep them! Thanks Kyra for making us believe.

We’re all looking for the «one», right? Is it true that we all have one person that’s perfect for us, our soul mate? I’d like to think so, but after lurking desperate exes and bad breakups it’s hard to look past all of the pain and believe. But fret not, here are 7 tips you can use to attract your Mr. Right!

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Personality Matters

Ladies, it's quite simple, guys want a girl they can laugh with. Happiness is contagious! I mean no one wants to be with a nag (we get that enough from our parents already, right?) So always smile, laugh and be a hoot! You may be the prettiest girl around but none of that matters if you dont have a good personality. Also remember, be confident. Guys love a woman who exudes confidence. Most importantly, always be yourself. You want guys to love the real you, not some imposter that you’re trying to imitate. Look in the mirror sweetheart, you’re beautiful!


Look after Yourself

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it doesn't hurt to take care of yourself. You may be an average looking girl but into a room with confidence, and you'll look 10 times better than the prettiest girl there. Why? Because confidence is like a aura around you that says you don’t care what people may think about you, you know your're worth it. The fact of the matter is, when you look good on the outside, you automatically feel more confident. So drink plenty of water and exercise even if it means following Youtube videos at home. Take care of your nails and toesies. You may not always have the funds to spend $50 dollars on a mani and pedi every two weeks, but every once in a while you should consider it. Having a nice body and looking gorgeous, takes a LOT of work. But if you’re in, guys will definitely start swarming to you like bees to honey!


Be Independent

We all know that girl who is always calling and texting her boyfriend, and always talking about him! There’s nothing worse than a needy, clingy girl and let me assure you, guys hate it just as much. So get a life of your own, plan a day with the girls and take up a new hobby. Don't always be the first to contact him. Give him a chance to miss you! Afterall, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


It's All about Trust

"Who were you talking to?". "Why do you like all her pictures on Facebook?" Oh, so you think she’s prettier than me?" Umm, save these questions and put them in the trash. How are you going to be in a relationship with someone if you don’t even him? We all may have our doubts, but act like it doesn’t bother you. He should know that he has you and if that’s not enough, he can leave. The number one reason behind breakups besides money is trust. So, learn to trust him and if something is bothering you, talk to him without accusing him.



In any relationship this is the seed of the flower. We need to love our partner unconditionally, no strings attached. Make him happy. If his favorite team is the Raiders, buy him and his friends tickets to the game. Does he love a certain food that you're not a fan of? Cook it for him anyway. Remember ladies, when you give love, you get love in return and more often than not, it's all about the little things.



I'm not saying you have to be another Steve Jobs or anything like that, but having a good head on your shoulders never hurts. You want to be able to connect with a guy on an intellectual level, so bring out the old college books and catch up on a few things. Even if you look at «did you know facts» and tell him some, it will show that you’re interested in many things and they’ll start to look at you in a different light.


Be Mysterious

Squint your eyes a little and flip your hair... Ok I’m kidding. But never tell a guy your whole life story! Always leave a few pages of the book open for him to read later. Guys want to date girls who they always have to learn and know more about. So, what makes a girl mysterious? One thing is don’t over talk, of course you don’t want to appear aloof, but know when to talk. Another way to remain mysterious? Don’t be overtly sexy. If you show all your goodies in one run then what will guys have to think about later. Be sexy but in moderation. That will leave him wanting you more!

I hope you enjoyed these tips, I’m no expert but I know what guys like and what they want! ☺ Take it for me and you’ll have him wrapped around your little finger.

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I needed these tips. Thank you.

I'm all of the above and I don't got no bf :(

These are really good tips!

#5 is total crap. Buy him and all his friends tickets to the raiders? NO. WAY. Ladies, do not do this even if you're a millionaire. That's way too much to spend on a guy and he will WALK ALL OVER YOU if you buy him extravagant gifts. I feel bad for whoever wrote this because if that's your idea of love you're gonna wind up with a mega-mooch boyfriend

omg thankyou thankyou

Idk buying things is nice everyone once in awhile, it shows you're thinking of him and care ..

Okey... I read it. I have been a single for 8 years, and I couldn't see myself anything missing from the list. I want to see the "7 reasons why you keep attracting wrong men"

Please, no women should ever follow these tips. Except the jealousy part. If he spends money on you he has enough for his own ball game. Wrapping him around your finger? That's a terrible goal, unless you like clingy guys.

Great tips..thanks for sharing..

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