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Awkward Actions Men Actually Find Adorable ...

By Holly

You shouldn't be embarrassed by all of the awkward things that you've done in front of your crush. Even though you consider them silly, he might consider them adorable. Most women don't realize just how cute they look when they're nervous around their crush. In order to stop feeling so bad about yourself, here are a few awkward actions men actually find adorable:

1 Snorting While Laughing

Snorting gets a bad rap for no reason. It’s a cute little trait that you shouldn’t dislike about yourself. The next time your crush makes you laugh so hard that you snort, don’t be embarrassed about it. Most men will be complimented over the fact that you've found him so funny that you were unable to control yourself.

2 Stumbling over Your Words

Don’t worry about sounding stupid in front of your crush. If you’re so flustered by him that you stumble over your words or start to ramble, he’ll find it endearing. After all, it’s nice to know that someone is so nervous around you that their brain can't even work together with their mouth.

3 Blushing from Compliments

If you blush after receiving a compliment, it’s adorable. It will make you seem like a sweetie who genuinely cares about what he has to say. Since so many people take compliments for granted, he’ll be happy that you were so touched by his words that your face turned red. Besides, rosy cheeks are always attractive.

4 Fidgeting with Your Clothes

If you land a date with your crush, don't feel like a loser for fidgeting with your bracelet, earrings, hair, or whatever else you have on your body. Sure, it'll probably clue him in to the fact that you're nervous, but there's nothing wrong with that. Once again, it's a compliment. It'll show him just how important the evening is to you.

5 Getting Caught Staring at Him

If your crush catches you staring at him, it's not the end of the world. Men love to be checked out, so he'll be flattered by your attention. It might even cause him to come over and talk to you, so don't run out of the room as soon as you two lock eyes. Give him a smile and keep your head held high.

6 Getting Caught Singing

If you're walking down the hall while singing and dancing along to the music on your iPod, and your crush catches you, don't be embarrassed. Everyone on the planet does the same thing when they think they're alone. Besides, seeing you let loose will make you look like a fun, lighthearted person, which is just what any man wants in his life.

7 Bumping into Him

Don't be embarrassed when you accidentally bump into your crush. After all, it's a great way to start a conversation with him. Instead of murmuring an apology and running away, you should make a joke about your clumsiness and then talk to him. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

There's no reason for you to be embarrassed by whatever awkward things you say and do around your crush, because he might actually find them endearing. That's why it's time to embrace your awkwardness! Are there any awkward things your crush does that you find adorable?

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