The Surprising Benefits of Long Distance Relationships ...


Even though long-distance relationships are hard work, there are still a few benefits of long distance relationships that you should consider. A study performed by the researchers at Queens University showed that young, unmarried people in long distance relationships don’t report lower relationship satisfaction then those in geographically close relationships and that “the further apart the couple was, the better they were doing with respect to satisfaction, intimacy and communication.” Sometimes it’s not the distance that kills the relationship, it’s the doubt that’s fueled by negativity. Try to replace those thoughts with positive ones because when you feel good about your relationship, you will be one step closer to succeeding in it. Here are 7 benefits of long distance relationships that you should consider:

1. You Get to Know Each Other Very Well

One of the most important benefits of long distance relationships is the fact you’ll get to know your partner really well. Even though long-distance couples talk less frequently than those who live in the same city, their interactions are deeper, more meaningful and they develop communication skills and habits that will help their relationship in the long run.

You Appreciate Your Partner More


ThI've been in a LDR for over two years and everything in this article is true ❤️
Jade Gilbertson
I love such inspirational articles like this I can relate to! UK to Greece
My bf is in the military & he will be coming home in less than a month💘
I'll keep this in mind next year in college!
My LDR is only one week old … this article helps reiterate we made the right decision to give it a go :-)
Great article!! I miss my guy everyday but make the most of the time we have together x
A really thoughtful post! It can be hard to miss someone so much but it's even more wonderful to see them (Ireland to UK)
I'm in one 💏 (Thailand to Germany). It's hard to handle this situation, but have to. B'coz of love and our beautiful future. Cheer! 🌹❤️
carolyn ruiz
Such a nice post for long distance couples! I'm in one and couldn't agree more. (USA to Germany)
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