8 Classic Dating Deal-Breakers to Be Aware of ...


It is common for a boyfriend to have an annoying habit you can look past. But sometimes that habit can destroy an entire relationship. Enter: the dating deal-breaker. A deal-breaker is something a significant other does that you just can’t look past. It is constantly creating tension and it will eventually lead to a break up. So save yourself the months of drama and end it if you spot some of these classic deal-breakers in your new beau.

1. He is Clingy

I am all for spending time with my boyfriend. We text all the time and he is over my apartment a lot. But there is a line between spending time together and being clingy. A clingy boyfriend cannot handle leaving your side and freaks out at the thought of you doing something without him. He will just leave you feeling suffocated. It might be hard to get yourself some space, but a girl needs some time to herself and the clingy boyfriend just does not allow that.

He is Disrespectful


Heather Jensen
Hello Ashley! Thanks so much for the comment and the feedback! Sometimes a deal-breaker in a lot of relationships can be smoking -- or any of these things, it all just boils down to your opinion and...
Bella: The Artist
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Ashley Byington
I love this article! But some "deal-breakers" seem biased on the authors part. For example, I'm 100% against smoking but smoking is a habit for many women who don't find that to be disruptive in a relationship. Good work, just slightly biased from my opinion.
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