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Classic Signs He Wants You Back ...

By Sici

Breakups are always hard, no matter how long you have been someone, and they can be made even more complicated when you start to get the sense that your ex might actually want you back. There are some classic signs he wants you back.

Now, I’m not here to tell you whether the potential of getting back with your ex is a good thing or not, but what I can help you out with is recognising some of the classic signs that he is trying to express renewed interest in a romantic connection between the two of you. To help you navigate some of the trickier elements of dealing with a break up, here are some of the classic signs he wants you back.

1 All up in Your Instagram

Have you noticed that he has started to pick up the pace with his likes and comments on your Instagram page? This means several different things. First, he is spending a lot more time looking at pictures of you, and second, he is making the choice to physically show you that he looking by interacting with likes and comments. This is because he wants to get your attention and is definitely showing he’s trying to renew your interest! This is definitely one of the classic signs he wants you back.

2 Reminiscing

Something that he has started to do more frequently is to try to get you to remember all of the good times by reminiscing about the best memories of your past relationship. He might be posting pictures of you on his social media or sending texts, or texting photos of you together. By filling your head with all the positives, he is hoping that you forget all of the negatives, and this will make you more susceptible to trying to make it work all over again.


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3 Running into Each Other

Do you keep running into him whenever you are out with your friends? Take a second to consider that this might be because he has asked about your whereabouts on the weekends and is making the effort to reinsert himself into your life in a covert way!

4 Makes Fun of Other Guys

If he never has anything nice or good to say about a guy that you are currently dating, then you can be pretty sure that it is because he is jealous and is trying to turn you off of them. He figures that if everyone else looks bad to you, then he will become the best option once again. He might even spread false rumours!

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