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Important Signs to Let You Know Your Partner Respects You ...

By Sici

Looking for some signs your partner respects you? When you are in a relationship, one of the key and fundamental things that you hope and require of your partner is complete and total respect in all areas of your life. Without respect, there can be no foundation for anything more meaningful in the future. It is respect that provides the basis for a long-lasting and fruitful partnership that continues to thrive year after year. Unfortunately, though, there are far too many relationships continuing out there in which there is a definite imbalance when it comes to respect, who is giving it, and who might not be receiving it equally. Just to put your own mind at ease, here is a list of classic signs your partner respects you.

Table of contents:

  1. They are not overbearing
  2. They accept no
  3. Honesty
  4. They listen
  5. Celebrate achievements
  6. Reliability
  7. Fight fair!

1 They Are Not Overbearing

One of the biggest signs your partner respects you is in the way that they do not try to control or manipulate anything that you do. They are aware that your own decisions are just as important as theirs, and they don’t try to change your mind or alter your plans to accommodate them or to stop from being with certain people that they have taken a disliking to.

2 They Accept No

Compromise in a relationship is paramount, so it is important that your partner understands that no means no, in all and every aspect of your lives together. There is a real lack of respect if they aren’t concerned with your opinions, but only go on doing things that they want to do with you in tow unwillingly. If the overriding tone in your relationship is one of peer pressure, then there is no respect.

3 Honesty

One of the key cornerstones of having respect for someone is being honest with them, regarding them highly enough so that you feel you couldn’t and shouldn’t lie to them. A good, respectful partner will never try to sugar coat or hide things from you because they respect you too much to leave you out in the cold like that.

4 They Listen

When a person is truly respected, their thoughts and opinions are listened to intently, so if you have a partner who is willing to listen, then you know for sure that the respect is there. On the other side, if they have little regard for hearing your side of the story or no interest in engaging with your own feelings, then that’s a red flag.

5 Celebrate Achievements

A partner who respects you will want to celebrate any and every achievement in your life as if it were their own, with no jealousy or envy involved. If there is a lack of respect, then these achievements might not be received so enthusiastically. If he respects you, he will be unashamedly proud of you.

6 Reliability

A partner who respects you will always be available to help out, even if it means having to change some of their own plans to accommodate yours. They want to be seen as somebody who you can rely on, and that is because they have so much respect for you that they want to be the first person you call for help, always.

7 Fight Fair!

Somebody who has full respect for you will give as good as they get when it comes to a disagreement! Respecting somebody doesn’t mean giving into their every command. It means being able to go toe to toe without the fear of somebody fighting dirty. If you can both say your piece and hash out a healthy and productive argument rather than storming off, then you know it’s real respect!

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