8 Classy Ways to Deal with Someone Flirting with Your Guy ...


I think we’ve all encountered a time when someone is flirting with your guy and as infuriating and uncomfortable as it can be, there are classy ways to deal with the uneasy situation. I know you feel like body slamming anyone who dares to ogle or flirt with your sweetie but reacting in calm and cool way will earn you tons of respect from your man while showing your loyalty to your relationship.

1. Think It through

When you suspect someone flirting with your guy, stop and think about it. Are you overanalyzing the situation or is there truly some propositioning going on? Some women are just very outgoing in general and have no intention of trying to steal your man but can come off as overly friendly. Assess the situation before taking any action. You don’t have to react immediately and you’re probably better off taking a moment before you say or do anything to anyone!

Check Him out


@Kayleen Helt, I hope you've told your guy why it is so hard for you, and that he understands. Best wishes for a long an happy relationship!
Heather Jensen
Hey Kayleen! It is hard not to be jealous, but I'd say that you definitely need to lay off him. He is dedicated to you, but you can't control everyone else. :(
Kayleen Helt
This helps a lot. I have never been known to be a green eyes monster but after getting cheated on so much and it affecting my personality, then finally finding a man who IS dedicated I knew I needed t...
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