15 Ways to Show a Guy You like Him ...


15 Ways to Show a Guy You like Him ...
15 Ways to Show a Guy You like Him ...

A lot of girls think guys don't need to be shown that you like them, but on the contrary most guys need more reassurance than we do. I'm going to share with you 10 ways to show a guy you like him. These tips and techniques will help you come off cute and neutral without scaring him off or coming on too strong. The best part is with these tips the guy can pick up on how they make him feel and use them right back on you. It's a win win for everyone. Try these techniques to show a guy you like him and see how much more fun and easy the dating experience will go!

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Phone Talk

The easiest way to show a guy you like him is to contact him! However, there is an art to communication. You shouldn't have to be the one who always contacts first, and you also don't need to be texting him all day, every day. Even if you are the first one to make a move with communication, it doesn't mean that you can't play hard to get too. Swingers had a point in their movie when it came to the three day rule. And there is always the cliche, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". A lot of men are so nervous of rejection that they just won't text you or pursue you in the first place, even though they want to. If you give him that opening that you are interested in him, he's set. He now knows how you feel about him, otherwise why would you be contacting him right? You also just took away his fear of him contacting you, so you can sit back and enjoy hearing the little ding on your phone go off and seeing his name. I hate to say it, but if you are never hearing from him and you're always texting him first, he may not be that into you. The minute you text a guy he knows you are interested, so when he's absent it just shows where he's at with the two of you. Don't worry about it, just move on because there's always another boy around the corner!



Ego boosts are something every male loves and enjoys getting from women. Whether they exuberant a great deal of confidence or come off completely unaware of their beauty, all men are self conscious in some way. As women, we hold the power in making guys feel good about themselves. To show a guy you are interested throw out cute and sincere comments about the shirt he's wearing, those beautiful eyes he's looking at you with, or the fact that you find his tenacity so inspiring. Don't go overboard with making sure his head blows up, but do give him a few compliments to show that like him.


Body Language

There are three distinct tactics when it comes to putting body language and your feelings towards the man you like. First is the sweet arm grace. Gently glide your hand along his arm to connect with him when he makes a joke or says something sweet. Second is touching his leg. This is more of a sexual connection since it's located closer to his sexual organs. When you are having a deep conversation with your man, place your hand on his knee and look into his eyes. It will show him that you are listening intently and understand where he is coming from. It's also a way to use a sexual hand gesture in a non sexual moment, which creates more of an intrigue than you just wanting to jump his bones. And third, touch your own lips. This is your money spot. Do anything from licking your lips, sipping on a straw, or just having that Victoria's Secret pout. All his focus will be on your lips as you give him that sign saying, "Kiss me already!".


When leveraging body language, subtlety is your ally. The power of the gaze is not to be underestimated; hold his eyes for just a second longer to convey your interest without saying a word. Furthermore, consider the mirroring technique—mimic his actions and posture to subconsciously signal that you're in sync. It's a psychological cue that suggests compatibility and comfort, and it often goes unnoticed on a conscious level but can be very powerful. Remember, the goal is to build a connection that feels both exciting and safe.


Secure Him

No matter how macho of a man a guy is he will always need to hear something from you to make him feel scure. As much as you may want reassurance on how he feels about you, a guy wants it just as bad or more. Most of the time we need to be the one to make the first move because guys are quite often sissies. You can say anything from, you had fun on the date to enjoying yourself in the bedroom. Don't be afraid to tell him how you feel, but make sure you don't over do it. A simple one liner is all you need to show a guy you like him. Remember girls; secure him, but don't suffocate him.


Laugh at His Jokes

This is the most cliche` way of all to show a guy you like him. I'm not saying to throw out the fake laugh and come off tacky. But do give a sweet giggle and make him feel secure even when the joke is the worst thing you have ever heard. He's being vulnerable by trying to impress you and that's sweet. Take it as a compliment that he's trying to be funny and entertain you because he likes you. The best thing you can do is reciprocate by using one of the above body language techniques and a sincere laugh. I always think of when a guy sends me a wink face in a text and the meaning behind it being, "I just made a joke. Did you get it? Please text back, LOL because my ego is on the line." Picture that in a real life scenario so LOL at the joke and be that cutesy girl I know you are!


Get a Little Jealous

This technique to show a guy you like him was told to me by more then one guy. I'm not saying come off as cold and mean because your date is checking out another girl or runs into someone they know. But, a guy likes to know it may bother you a bit that he's checking someone out. He'd feel a little insecure too if you were checking out another guy. Coming off a little bit as a green eyed monster is a way to show a guy you like him. Think of it this way, if a guy didn't get a bit jealous when another guy hits on you, your thought process would be that maybe he doesn't care because he isn't into you. Same goes for a guy. Here's a hint, even if you are a secure girl who doesn't get jealous, which is great, why not fake it a little! It may just turn your guy on and the after date could turn into a much more pleasurable night for the both of you!


Surprising Him at Work

Ladies, this is something I would suggest doing later on in your dating journey rather than just after a few dates. Showing up right away to your man's work is a little stalkerish and creepy, which isn't the biggest turn on. After a good amount of dates and you both feel secure in how you feel about each other, surprising him at work is a sweet gesture to show a guy you like him. It lets him know you want to see him with out needing to do any date activity. Don't be shocked if he is busy or in his own head, but instead grab a girlfriend and head out for a drink where he works. If you act coy and wait for him to contact you after work he'll be sure to say, "thank you for coming in, it made my night", which he's been dying to tell you since he saw you!


Sweet Messages

Any of my friends will tell you that I have the hardest time sending a girlie, cutesy message to a guy. But they really do like to receive them and this is a sure fire way to show a guy you like him. Keep in mind that you don't want to send him xoxo's and emoticons galore, but a simple picture about something that came up in a conversation you recently had is nice. Or send him a sweet, "You were on my mind and I just wanted to let you know". If you had a joke between the two of you and something reminded you of it, why not throw that out there as well. But don't be too random with the guy, remember to keep it in the context of something he can connect to.


A personal touch goes a long way. Imagine he mentioned he loves a certain type of cookie—why not snap a pic when you encounter them at a bakery? Attach a message like "Saw these and thought of you!" It’s engaging and shows you’re attentive. Equally, after a great date, a text that says, "Tonight was wonderful, can’t stop smiling," hits the right note. It's all about warmth and genuine connection. Be creative but sincere with your messages, and you’ll find that these small gestures can stir affection and keep you on his mind.


Ask Him out

Don't be afraid to make a move and ask a guy out. Guys are so simple and most of the time they can never make up their minds on what to do on a date. It's such an attractive quality when you can ask a guy out and give him options on things to do. Putting yourself out there can be scary, but if you aren't sure if he's into you this is the way to find out. You're putting it out there on the table and he's either gonna take it or leave it. If he takes it you are automatically showing a guy you like him because you want to see him. If he has an idea on something to do, great let him do it, otherwise have a back up and go have fun! You can always ask a guy to hang out more then once, but not too often, remember to give him his space. If you aren't hearing from him in the mean time it may be a sign to move on. Don't do all the work, you deserve more!


Remember Things He Tells You

How many times do you get butterflies when the guy you're dating remembers something you talked about, whether it be your favorite band, a story about a friend, or what nights off you have? You give him the same butterflies when you remember a fact he told you. It's nice to know someone finds you interesting and takes an interest in what you say. Bringing up a simple fact he told you when you're together will show a guy you like him.


Tell Him!

Ok I know this one is a little gutsy, but if you've been dating for a few weeks and you're really into him then let him know! He might be wondering if you like him too, so why not let him know for sure? If you've been dating for a little while, then he obviously is into you enough to keep seeing you, so stop wondering and find out! Sure this is nerve racking, but it's better than being in the dark right? This also could work to your advantage because a lot of guys like girls that aren't afraid to go after what they want. Show him that you want him in the most direct way, tell him.


Introduce Him to Your Friends

This is for later on in the dating game! You don't even have to introduce him, but just bring it up. Meeting someone's friends is a bigger deal than people give it credit for, especially if they're close friends. Letting him know that you want him to meet people in your life will let him know that you like him. This only works if you're not the kind of person that brings just anyone around their friends. Most likely your friends will say something like "oh she never brings anyone around" or "we haven't met a guy she's dated in a while." These statements will let him know that he's special.


Offer to Pay

If you guys have been going on dates and splitting the check or you've been letting him pay, it's time for you to step up. Offer to pay for dinner, the movies, or wherever you're going that day. This will show him that you're interested in him enough to spend money on him. It sounds dumb, but the first time I offered to pay for a meal with my current boyfriend he looked surprised, smiled, and said no girl had ever offered before. It's a simple and sweet gesture that doesn't really take too much commitment.


Find a Reason to Touch Him

Much like body language, this is a simple yet effective method of letting someone know you're interested. Let them know if they have a piece of lint on their shirt and then remove it. Finding these little ways of making physical contact will definitely be noticed. The best would be if you ever notice he has an eyelash on his face. Yes, it's cliche, but there's a reason it's so cliche - it works! It gives you the perfect reason to touch their face without being creepy.


Let Him Know You're Thinking of Him

If you see something online that makes you think of the guy you like, send him the link. If you see something on the street, in a magazine, or on TV that makes you think of him then let him know. It'll show that not only do you know about things he likes or is interested in, but that you're also thinking of him when he's not around. This is a huge hint that you like someone! Don't do this too often of course because it could get weird, but it's always nice to know you're on someone's mind so let him know he's on yours.

Guys are more sensitive than we give them credit for and sometimes we ruin the opportunity with a guy we like because we don't show them enough signs we are into them. A lot of these ways to show a guy you like him will make you feel awkward, vulnerable, or both, but the best thing to do is try one and see what happens! These are the top 10 ways to show a guy you like him. They can help bring out more of your authentic self and maybe even save you from having to play all those silly games we go through with men. Which one of these ways to show a guy you like him makes you the most nervous?

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