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If your boyfriend has started doing things that seem unusual or secretive, you might be looking for clues that he is cheating on you. Maybe you can’t put your finger on it, but something just doesn’t feel right. If you really believe he is hiding something from you, trust your gut. When searching for clues that he is cheating, keep your eyes peeled for any of these 7 common behaviors of cheaters.

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Phone Clues

Your guy’s cell phone can help you uncover some of the biggest clues that he is cheating. Unfortunately, if he IS cheating, he’ll likely keep close tabs on his phone. If you do manage to get your hands on it, search his contacts. Look for contacts that only have numbers or initials, instead of actual names. Notice if he always deletes his text messages and phone log, too.


Unexpected Gifts

Has your boyfriend suddenly started giving you gifts? Of course, every gift-giver isn’t a cheater, but if he has never been the type to do this before, he might have an ulterior motive. Your guy may be feeling guilty or trying to pacify you with unexpected gifts. Look at his reaction when you question him about the gifts. A cheater will probably get defensive or angry that you are questioning his motives.


Improved Appearance

It’s common for cheaters to suddenly take an interest in their appearance. If this is a new behavior for him, stay alert. Does he groom himself more often, wear new cologne or dress better? If there is no legitimate reason for this sudden interest in his appearance, like a new job, your suspicions may be correct. This unexplained behavior change is common with cheaters.


Changes in the Bedroom

Notice if your guy suddenly acts different in the bedroom. If he’s cheating, he could either be more interested in sex or have a sudden drop in his libido. Cheaters often have intimacy issues. Even if you two are still having sex, he may no longer initiate kissing or anything else that requires a level of intimacy. This also includes intimate conversations. He’ll probably stick to surface-level conversations in order to protect his secrets.


Vague Details

A cheater is often vague about details, times and dates. He may also have a hard time keeping track of the lies he already told you, causing him to contradict himself. Is your guy frequently unable to account for his whereabouts at certain times because of his “poor memory”? If you do catch him in a lie, he may accuse you of being crazy, paranoid or jealous. A cheater may try to turn the conversation around so the focus is on you.



Is your boyfriend unreachable for hours on end? If you try to text or call him and he doesn’t respond, does he often claim to have a dead battery or no cell phone reception? A sly cheater can usually slip away for an hour or two without being missed. Has he started working later than usual? While this isn’t necessarily proof of cheating, take notice if he starts getting home late more often.



If he’s cheating, your guy may begin acting more nitpicky than usual. Does he criticize you more often? A cheater will often become more argumentative as a way of protecting himself. If he has secrets, it’s easier to hide them when the attention is on you and your flaws. When you try to talk to him about his negative attitude towards you, don’t be surprised if he becomes very defensive.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with a cheater, but it’s a good idea to know the signs of infidelity, just in case. What are some other telltale signs of cheating?

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wow this makes me think of the worst.👎

Or, on the contrary to #7, their bedroom behavior starts changing like different language, moves...and improvements!

I missed all the clues once and then found out he had been living with someone else for two years!

All these sign are right in my face (NOW) but I'm scared to confront and leave him :(

No one respects relationships any more ppl don't even respect their own relationships

yea my boyfriends a cheater :\ number seven I noticed but never thought if that way

I was with my boyfriend last night and I asked to see his phone so I could put on some music and a text popped up from a female sayin i love u babe have a good night! I was furious and looked thru his messages and there were multiple different females that he was talkin to.... when i confronted him he said that they all live far away and that they are just talking.......help what do i do

My boyfriend doesn't want me handling his phone and doesn't want to give his password for his facebook account. Although this has been his behavior from the beginning, it bothers me sometimes thinking that he might be hiding something. Do you think keeping away his phone and not giving his password is a sign of cheating?

We.need to love ourselves enough to walk away. I wish I had more friends. I live in Maine and if I had a girlfriend or a few girlfriends I could live with or see a lot, I'd have the courage to walk away. I get literally sick finding these clues everywhere including his phone camera. . But he lies so.well and makes ME feel like I'm wrong!

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