Top 9 Signs You and Him Have Become One ...


It's what you've been waiting for all your life: seeing the signs you and him have become one. The only problem is, you might not notice the signs; most of them are so simple that you usually overlook them. However, when you know what to look for, the signs you and him have become one are incredibly obvious. They also tend to be extremely cute and sweet.

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First and Last Thoughts Are of Each Other

One of the most obvious signs you and him have become one is when your first thought in the morning and last thought at night are of him. He doesn't even have to be around. Yet, you naturally think of him and you can't help but smile. This is a sign that you're so happy and comfortable with someone that just thinking of them brings you peace and joy. Both of you simply can't help thinking about each other daily.


Imperfections Are Adorable

So many of us can't help but dwell on our partner's imperfections. When the two of you become one, you absolutely love all his imperfections and he loves yours. They're not annoying. Instead, they're something that makes him unique and even more attractive. Others might not understand, but to you, those imperfections make him perfect to you.


Sharing Friend Time

Except for double dates, you probably kept girls night just for the girls, and vice versa. Now, you love bringing each other along. You see each other as not only a partner, but a best friend. Odds are, your friends readily accept him. More and more, you want him to come along with your friends and he loves bringing you along with the guys.


Talk about Insecurities without Judgment

One of the hardest parts of being in a relationship is sharing your insecurities. When you're one, you don't even have to think twice. He makes you feel comfortable sharing any and everything. The reason – you know he won't judge you. The same goes for him. Plus, the more you share about each other, the closer you become in the process.


Tons of inside Jokes

Sometimes when we're single, we get sick of hearing those cutesy couples laugh at their own private inside jokes. It's not until you're one with your guy that you really get it. It's amazing when you find that the two of you have your own set of inside jokes. The best part is you keep creating more. It's a sign of how much you've shared and how much you enjoy being together.


No One else Appeals to You

Naturally, we all notice when someone else is attractive. However, when you're one, you notice it, but it doesn't really appeal to you. Instead, you're only attracted to each other. No one else does it for but him. He sees you as the sexiest woman alive. It may seem crazy, but you really don't notice others the same way again.


Thinking of Him is Calming

When you're faced with a stressful situation, you need soothing thoughts to help calm you. If your first thought is of him and it calms you, you've become one. He becomes your rock during the worst times in your life, even when he's not around. He feels the same way. All you have to do is think of a happy moment with him and suddenly you feel better.


Silliness is Encouraged

Do you love to dance, but you're horrible at it? While you might usually only do it alone, with him, you don't mind being silly. In fact, he joins in. When you both enjoy being silly around each other, you're truly comfortable together. It means you've pushed by insecurities and you can be yourself. You'll find you're even sillier with him than your friends.


Doubts Disappear

No matter how great the relationship is at the start, we all have some reservations about the future. At some point, these doubts fade away as the two of you become one. You don't know when it happened, but suddenly, your fears are gone. You simply know that no matter what happens, you'll get through it together. You don't fear the future, you look forward to it.

It's a beautiful thing when a couple isn't just “you and me,” but “us.” As you can see, the signs are simple, but they're meaningful. It's not about being the perfect couple, but being the couple that's right for the two of you. Have you ever experienced any of these signs?

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The headline for this article makes it sound like an article on loss of identity 😛

What's a girl to do if she is one w him but he is not one w her?

Applies to me and my gf. Wish they had more articles that doesn't just limit it to male and female. Although to me it applies anyway....just saying. Still one of my fav apps

Really needed this

reminds me of him 😍

This is 100% me and my bf :D

This is funny because this is how my guy best friend and I are like to each other, but it's just we both know that it won't mean more than that. He's my person. And I love him for that.

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