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7 Signs You Should Bring Him Home for Thanksgiving ...

By Alicia

There’re certain signs you should bring him home for Thanksgiving. If you’ve been wondering whether you should bring your boyfriend home for Thanksgiving dinner, this article is for you. It can give you some clues if it’s the right decision or not. These signs you should bring him home for Thanksgiving can help you decide if you should or shouldn’t extend the invitation.

1 It’s Semi-serious

One of the signs you should bring him home for Thanksgiving is if it’s semi-serious. You’ve been on more than a couple of dates and a relationship is a definite possibility. Of course it’s totally okay to invite him as a friend. There are no rules here. But if you want to invite him as your boyfriend, you may want to wait until you’re sure he absolutely is.

2 You Can Envision a Future

If you’ve only been on one date with a guy, you may want to pass on inviting him. Most likely you’ll have some family members that make a comment about your relationship and how serious it might be. Because of that, it’s good to know where your relationship stands first. That makes those nosy family questions easier to answer. Take some time and give inviting him some thought before you issue the invitation.

3 You’re Totally at Ease with Each Other

It’s best to make sure you’re totally at ease with each other before you bring him home for Thanksgiving. If you’re still in that new, awkward phase of dating, you may want to wait until the next holiday comes around. Getting to know each other isn’t always easy with family around. You probably won’t be very comfortable in that situation. But if you’re both still game even though the relationship is new, that’s okay, too.

4 He Doesn’t Have a Place to Go

Of course you don’t have to invite him out of pity. But if you know he doesn’t have a place to go, it can be a nice thing to do. He may be hoping for an invitation. It could really make his day if you invite him. If you don’t want him to take the invitation as a sign of how serious things are between you, you can tell him that.

5 You Both Feel Ready

Maybe you both feel ready for the step of meeting each other’s family. If that’s the case, go for it. It can be a big step. Many families treat it like a big deal when they’re introduced to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Other families are more casual about it. The important thing is that it’s the right step for you as a couple.

6 Your Family Wants to Meet Him

Is your family asking to meet your Prince Charming? If so, it may be a sign you should invite him to come. If you want to make sure they won’t grill him with questions, you should chat with them about that beforehand. Chances are if your family wants him to come, they’ll go out of their way to make him feel welcome. Of course if you know one of your family members is a big jokester, you may want to warn your boyfriend before he arrives.

7 He’s Hinting for an Invitation

If your guy is hinting for an invitation, that can be a sign you should invite him. If he’s dropping hints, he obviously wants to come. That’s a sign he’s probably pretty serious about you. That’s a good thing. If you’ve been wondering about his feelings, this is an obvious answer.

What are your thoughts? Are you going to invite your boyfriend home for Thanksgiving? It can be a great holiday to have him meet the family!

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