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There are important signs that you are compatible with your partner that you need to pay attention to. If you want to transition from dating to being engaged or to living together, then you should figure out whether you would work as a couple for the long term. Here are some clear cut signs that you are compatible and will be able to have a healthy future together:

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Workable Schedules

If you're working days and your partner is working nights, will you be able to find time to see each other? Your work and sleep schedules will play an important part in determining whether you'll get to spend enough time together. It's impossible to have a healthy relationship if you're never communicating. One of the signs that you are compatible and will be able to spend your lives together is that you're able and willing to find ways to make your schedules work.


Similar Eating Habits

If you absolutely hate seafood but lobster is all that your partner eats, it might be hard to cook up dinners that you'll both enjoy. While your taste buds won't make or break your relationship, they can certainly alter the difficulty of it. It's simply easier when you're interested in chowing down on the same dishes.


Parallel Future Plans

The most important thing to agree on is whether you both want to have kids, or get married. If you don't share the same goals for the future, then you'll have trouble staying together for a long period of time. You need to be in agreement on the important factors, or at least willing to compromise.


Always Keeping in Touch

Does he prefer phone calls while you stick to texting? It's important to keep in touch with each other in a way that will make both of you comfortable. If you're okay spending a week apart, but your partner hates going a day without you, you'll have to reorganize your schedules to see each other more often.


Sharing Beliefs

Religion plays a big part in some individuals' lives. Even if you're not religious, then your morals are still an important issue. You should have similar ideas about what is right and what is wrong. If you don't, then it could result in severe misunderstandings in the future.


In Agreement on Finances

You have to agree on whether you'll merge your paychecks together, and what you'll choose to spend your money on. If you can't agree on what restaurant to go to, then you might have trouble picking out what house to buy, and how much money you want to spend on a new car. As much as we claim money doesn't matter, it can actually cause massive issues.


Loving the Same Location

Figure out whether he wants to stay in your state forever, or if he's hoping to move to another country. If you're set on living close to your family, then you could have problems. Before you get too serious, talk to him about where he sees himself living in the future.

Once you find a person that you love with all your heart, you can be blinded by your feelings. You have to push your emotions aside in order to figure out whether the two of you will work in the long run. Do you think that you'll still be with your partner ten years from now?

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Wondering if merging of checks is a good idea, or should it just be 50 /50.

The part about the food isn't that stupid....it just makes things easier when food shopping together. And I would have a joint checking with my future husband but we will also have separate accounts....good article though! I think me and my new bf will work out

Good article....wish I had seen it 10 years ago lol ;)

Me too!

The part about the food is stupid

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