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Stuck for Words ? Conversation Starters for a First Date ...

By Leiann

Conversation starters for a first date are vitally important to ensuring that your night is successful and leads to a second date.

It's an hour into the date and now the butterflies are gone, the beads of sweat dry and your cheeks are no longer blushing. Now what? The well may seem dry conversation-wise, but a few of these conversation starters for a first date just might create a spark!

1 The Most Embarrassing Moment

interaction, event, song, girl, facial hair, This should create laughter, and that's a good thing! This is one of my favorite conversation starters for a first date.

2 What Would Be Better? Being Bubbly and Ugly or Boring and Attractive?

beauty, girl, lady, darkness, photography, A little vanity question to get you two talking.


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3 Pick One... is Being Rich Better than Being Poor or Vice Versa?

drink, alcohol, conversation, drinking, restaurant, Ask this now BEFORE hitting the altar!

4 Describe if You've Ever Been Hurt or Betrayed

girl, human, human behavior, scene, This can build trust and opens you both up to each other.

5 What is the Definition of Romance? Provide Examples

photograph, sitting, light, photography, fun, Make lists and do these things more often together. You'll know right away what you both like.

6 Do You Share the Same Values?

black, photograph, man, black and white, photography, This shows why you are you and he is he.

7 Give Each Other Nicknames That Only the Two of You Know the Meaning of

darkness, girl, night, midnight, This is obviously something cute that only the two of you can share.

8 Talk about Doing Random Acts of Kindness Together

photograph, black and white, facial expression, monochrome photography, photography, This is something kind to do together, but is also a good bonding experience.

9 Talk about Which DVDs and CDs You like

girl, midnight, Take turns watching and listening to each other's choices.

10 Discuss How Disagreements between the Two of You Should Be Treated

water, man, drinking, muscle, arm, Do this ASAP. It will save a lot of heartbreak ahead of time.

Whether you take ten dates to cover all of these or do all ten in one date, some meaningful discourse is sure to take place. Good luck!


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