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8 Curious Ways to Ask a Boy out if You're a Boy ...

By Heather

Learning all of the different ways to ask a boy out if you are a boy is never easy. Guys are harder to approach typically and if you are gay and doing it for the first time, it can be super intimidating! If you've been dying to find out some of the best ways to ask a boy out if you are a boy, you've got to take a look at my tips below.

1 Pick up on Body Language Cues

Body language is something that we all need to study and learn. It is something that a lot of people don't necessarily pay attention to and it's one of the surefire ways to ask a boy out if you are a boy. How? Paying attention to how he is standing, how he looks, what he is doing. These are all cues that could let you know that he's ready to be asked out and that he's interested in you!

2 Put Yourself out There

Sounds easy, right? I know it's not, but the key to asking a boy out is really putting yourself out there and allowing him to see all kinds of sides of you. By putting yourself out there and really giving him the upper hand, it's a great way to know that he'll want to go out with you! Remember, pay attention to his body language before asking though!

3 Confidence

Confidence is something that can be hard to build, but it's also a necessity. Guys are attracted to another guy that is confident and if you show him that you're scared and nervous, who knows what can happen! Just stroll right up to the guy that you're fancying and ask him to hang out. Easy, right?

4 Pearly Whites

You probably have one of the prettiest smiles in the world, but if he can't see it, how would he know? You've got to flash a smile once in a while to not only let the boy you are into know you are interested, but also so that you can seem much more approachable. A smile can go a really long way in your body language!

5 Flirt It up

Flirting is another fantastic way to ask a boy out and it's an easy segue into actually asking him out. Flirting, with a little touching and a few compliments, is also a great ice breaker and if he is flirting back, that's probably a sign that he wouldn't mind going out with you either, so that you can spend some more time together.

6 Have a Date in Mind

When you are asking your crush out, you shouldn't just assume that he is free the next day or the day after, you've got to have some kind of date in mind and be flexible with it. I know it's hard to pin down when schedules don't conflict, but if you give a range of dates or even throughout the week, he can choose a date that works best!

7 Pay Attention to His Actions

How is he acting around you? Does he touch you? Is he constantly flirting with you? These are things that you've got to remember so that you can know if moving forward and asking him out is going to be the right thing to do.

8 Gotta Spit It out

Finally, you've got to just spit it out! Sometimes, that's the hardest thing in the world to do, but it's so worth it once you two are on the date! Remember, you've got to pay attention to how he acts, so that way you can know if he is into you the same way that you're into him.

So guys, these are all of my ways that you can finally ask that hot guy at the bar out. Do you have any more ways to ask a boy out?

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