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There are some questions to ask on a first date which will set the tone for the rest of the evening. Showing your interest in your dinner companion can make all the difference for a fun filled evening, potentially even leading to a second date. Follow these questions to ask on a first date, and watch the conversation flow!

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Ask Him about His Day

In this society, asking people how they are is almost akin to saying nothing at all. Instead, TRULY ask him about his day. Did you know he was having an important meeting today? Is his favorite team in the playoffs? No matter who you are, one of the best questions to ask on a first date is something which shows you are interested in his life.


Best Friend

Asking about a positive subject matter will lead to a positive discussion. Ask your date about his best friend, and you will get an insight into who he is. Chances are, his best friend holds a piece of his heart, even though he might not admit it!. The best fried is the person who is there through the heart breaks, the ups, the downs, and the all arounds. Knowing about his best friend will help you to know who he is better!



Ask your date of the evening if he has a dog or cat. Perhaps he even has something more exotic! Whatever the creature is that shares his house, it's one you will want to become acquainted with. It's also a great conversation starter, and a way to show him that what is important to him is potentially important to you.


What Brought You Together

What was the mutual interest that made you want to take an evening to spend with him in the first place? Did you meet at a writing class? Picking out mangoes in the grocery store? Even a work project? Whatever it was, touch on that subject for a few minutes to remind each other why you are here. Hopefully this will be a positive and uplifting part of the conversation!



You are here for dinner, so what better time to talk about food? Is there a reason why you chose the exotic Middle Eastern restaurant? Or does he have a funny story about the last time he was at that restaurant? As long as you stay away from the topic of exes, this and any other topics are fair game! This can also lead to mentioning at the end of the evening another restaurant for the two of you to visit, which is a great lead in to date number two.


Where They Have Hung Their Hat

Ask your dates where he has lived before. If he was an Army brat, chances are this discussion could continue for quite some time! Perhaps he got the traveling bug after taking a college geography course, which is a double conversation boost. Or maybe he's a hometown boy who fell in love with the current locale before he knew there were any others. That kind of commitment can also be enamoring.


The Best

Without getting too intimate, go back and forth with a list of 'Bests.' Best book you ever read, best song of 2010, best Caesar salad in town, best Saturday Night Live skit, etc. This list of the Bests not only gets you into a positive conversation, it lets you know if there is a spark present. If the guy cannot come up with any 'best' anything, you have some thinking to do.

Coming up with questions to ask on a first date sometimes flows as easy as water, and other times like ice. Having this list to start the evening off may help the evening end better than ever expected! What do you talk about on your first dates?

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Music! Music is a big thing for me,so always asking or talking about music is a must!

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